British Airways joins the national effort to supply essential equipment to our frontline NHS staff

BA NEWS • April 2020

British Airways – delivering to those in need

How British Airways flights and its people are helping in the current global crisis, plus information on changes to your Executive Club

Special shipments and repatriation flights
Over recent months, British Airways has been playing its part in supporting the global response to the Coronavirus.


In partnership with the UK Government and the airline’s sister company, IAG Cargo, BA has operated a number of flights (pictured above) containing life-saving equipment to the UK from China. The first, a Boeing 777 aircraft, took off from Shanghai loaded with ventilators and personal protective equipment (PPE).

“We will continue to use all available resources to support the Government, the NHS and communities all over the world who might be in need of our help,” says Alex Cruz, BA’s chairman and chief executive.

The airline is also working with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to fly people home to their families and friends.


Earlier this month, in partnership with the Foreign Office, Captain Anna Croft, Senior First Officers Rob Taylor and Charlie Morgan, along with a fantastic crew, flew Britons back to London Heathrow from Nassau, Bahamas to reunite them with their families

On-board wash bags, socks and blankets have been donated to various NHS Trusts, and money raised through Flying Start, the airline’s partnership with Comic Relief, is also being used towards the Covid-19 response, enabling Comic Relief to work with people who have been hardest hit and are most in need, such as those experiencing domestic violence or homelessness.

Teams from across BA have also been bringing their skills and expertise to communities all over the UK. Crew have been volunteering in hospitals, helping organisations such as the British Red Cross and the NHS, and offering practical assistance to vulnerable people where they can.

Dear Britain

Watch British Airways’ latest love letter to Britain below

Dear Britain

Executive Club news
Due to the impact of the current environment on Executive Club memberships, a number of adjustments have been made to the Tier status and well-earned benefits of Executive Club Members.

Tier Point thresholds are being lowered by 30 per cent for all Members due for Tier upgrade or renewal in April, May and June. To ensure Members still have the opportunity to use their Gold Upgrade Vouchers, Companion Vouchers and Travel Together Tickets earned via a British Airways credit card, the airline is applying a six-month expiration extension to any current vouchers.

Do you have a question?
If you have any questions about your Executive Club membership, please visit the British Airways website, where you can find all the latest information, including what to do if your flight has been cancelled, details on changes to Tier thresholds and extensions to Companion Vouchers.

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