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MADE BY MEMBERS • April 2021

31 things we’ve missed about flying

Sure, we’ve all missed travel, but who’s missed travelling? From the airside shop to the thrill of takeoff, our random panel of jetsetters from far and wide reveal the things they never thought they’d yearn for…

1. Buying an enormous bag of sweets at the airport under the pretext of needing them to stop your ears popping on takeoff.

2. Going back immediately to buy more snacks than can feasibly be eaten during any flight, but with the excitement/fear of not knowing what you’ll want, so deciding to cover all bases.

3. Playing I-spy. Whether it’s the gap-year globetrotter, the teen sporting a neck pillow at the airport, or the couple already in shorts and visors, there’s nothing like a bit of pre-flight people-watching.

4. Grabbing ‘3 for 2’ on books in the airport book shop, even though you’ve likely already packed four books in your bags.

5. Settling in for a palliative G&T in the Galleries lounges at London Heathrow.

6. Enjoying the exclusivity of airside shopping and making a haul at Duty Free.

7. Getting the tunnel and not the stairs. If you’re a true airport devotee, you’ll know what this means.

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8. The reassuring voice of the pilot as you’re greeted on board.

9. The feeling of putting on your ‘plane socks’. Once the shoes are off and socks are on, it’s show time.

10. “Would you like a sweet?” conversation-starters. When you offer the person next to you a handful from your giant bag, and the holiday chat that ensues.

11. The safety video with Olivia Colman and co in it. May the adventure begin.

12. When cabin crew hand you the in-flight menu in Club World, so you can see what dishes are in store.

13. Your biggest decision being whether you want red or white wine with your meal.

14. That tiny packet of pretzels. And savouring each and every one.

15. The runway rumble. Nothing says ‘holidays are coming’ like the motion of the plane accelerating at takeoff.

16. Sitting in your seat thinking about all of the Avios you’ve notched up with this flight.

 Watching the IFE map with laser focus. Tracking the tiny plane between movies as it inches toward your destination.

18. Discovering new movies. Whether it’s a film not yet released or intriguing world cinema you’ve never heard of.

19. Nipping to the Club Kitchen midway through a flight and choosing something that you’d never buy on the ground.

20. Travelling on business. The complete and utter silence of sitting undisturbed without anyone asking you for anything (we’re looking at you, homeschoolers).

21. And getting in some solid, uninterrupted work. Sitting several hours with the clouds passing you by is the best productivity tool on the market. Blue-sky thinking, perhaps?

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22. Yogic stretching near the airplane toilets, and hoping that no one thinks you’ve been away from your seat for just a bit too long…

23. Having a chat with the crew while rifling through the snacks in the World Traveller galley mid-flight.

24. Leafing through the in-flight literature, including British Airways’ High Life and Business Life magazines. We’re even starting to miss the safety leaflet. 

25. Flying over London at night. As the plane cruises over the capital on its way to London City or Heathrow, seeing the city’s landmarks twinkle below.

26. When connecting through a transit airport. The thrill of exploring the unfamiliar shops, foreign attractions and superb oneworld® lounges.

27. Getting comfortable in the Club Suite, cocooned in plush The White Company bedding.

28. Using the journey home to sort through holiday photos. If you have a connection set up between your phone and Wi-Fi-enabled camera, you’ll be able to transfer your photos across and edit away.

29. The relief of on-board Duty Free when you realise you’ve forgotten to buy any souvenirs for the family. (Now, you can pre-order to your seat with High Life Shop). 

30. The magic five words: “Cabin crew, seats for landing”. Seatbelt fastened and tray table folded away, its the phrase that means you’re minutes from touching down at your destination.

31. The moment when you step into that blast of hot air when arriving in a tropical country.

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