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The virtual event planning hack you need to know

Glitching screens, inaudible speakers, inflexible tech… a virtual or hybrid event can be a minefield. But remote gatherings are here to stay – and BlueJeans Studio is here to up your game with a state-of-the-art production suite that creates your event in TV quality style.

After all, slick events are engaging events, and with BlueJeans you’ll be able to create something for up to 150,000 participants that’s immersive, memorable and a cut above the rest...

Top-spec production values

Your virtual events need to reflect your company’s values and standards, so blurry, low-quality video and stop-start streaming won’t cut it. With BlueJeans Studio, your production is streamed in 1080p, along with bandwidth optimisation from BlueJeans Accelerator for a slicker look that will get your message across professionally and avoid ‘meeting fatigue’.

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Dawn Armstrong

Vice President of IT, Hyperloop One
“I can’t even imagine, frankly, the expense if we’d had a production company come in and do the same sort of livestreamed event.”


Tailor-make your production

There are endless ways to present your meeting or event, from adding a background and logo to fit your brand to adjusting the layout of multiple speakers and adding seamless video and GIFs. Immersive events keep customers or employees engaged, so use smart features to divide participants into break-out sessions at the touch of a button, update viewers with a ticker-tape message, and poll attendees or host a Q&A mid-session. Clear icons, drag-and-drop features and toggled settings make it all effortless.

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An affordable alternative to a production company

Hiring a crew or TV-quality equipment for a virtual event is a major financial commitment. But with BlueJeans Studio, events can be built to the same quality using a standard laptop and desk set-up. With the quality of streaming set against the fully branded, many-layered look of a custom-built event, you’re getting the effect of an expensive production at a fraction of the cost.

Stream to anywhere

Users of BlueJeans Events can connect with customers, employees or social media followers wherever they are and on a spectrum of devices, without the need for additional downloads as well as being able to stream simultaneously to Facebook, LinkedIn and other channels. The technology is designed for large-scale events, with 150,000 participants able to join, and producers able to incorporate up to 150 speakers. Attendees can interact fully, no matter the scale, with Q&A add-ons, polls and hand-raising all available, while automated closed-caption translations in 70 languages enable global broadcasts.

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Ryan Blackbourn

Director of IT, Zillow
“When we add 200 new employees, we utilise technology to help us scale. This means self-service and automation are big initiatives. BlueJeans really shines in making users’ lives easier for collaborating across the country.”


No expensive kit needed

Anyone with a laptop can craft a top-quality production on this accessible platform. The BlueJeans Studio suite takes you through the process step by step, flagging ways to make your stream look more professional, be that clear and simple or sophisticated and interactive. Social influencers, creators, reporters and marketers can broadcast from anywhere using a standard desk set-up. Everything that makes BlueJeans Events top quality exists in its virtual studio.

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Take it from the pros

Social Chain founder and Dragons’ Den star Steven Bartlett was blown away by his first experience using the platform. “The reason I use BlueJeans Studio is because of immersion,” he told his one million LinkedIn followers. “Their tools make you feel more connected to the employees or customers you’re trying to engage with.” Having hosted an event of 700, he raved that they had enjoyed “TV production level quality, all done by one person with very little technical experience, on a laptop”.

Ready to launch your first TV-quality virtual production? Try all BlueJeans Studio features via this online demo, or with a free 14-day taster

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