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What coffee experts won't travel without

There’s no more fanatical a group than the coffee connoisseurs – but what gizmos and gadgets join this ever-discerning crowd on their holidays? And where, out of all their travels, have they found the best coffee? Ahead of The London Coffee Festival (20-23 April), it’s over to the experts for more…

The champion

Who? James Hoffman
I really like the Clever Dripper for travelling. It’s my travel brewer of choice. It’s a little bit bulky, and perhaps suited to longer trips, but it is super easy to use, can make coffee for one or two people at a time and is lightweight and robust.
Favourite coffee shop: It’s probably still The Coffee Collective in Copenhagen. It’s such a great city to visit, and this is a beautiful space with great service and incredible coffee.

James Hoffman is a World Barista Championship winner, author, YouTuber and entrepreneur behind Square Mile Coffee. His latest book, How to Make the Best Coffee at Home, is a Sunday Times bestseller.

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The champion - clever dripper

The coffee shop captain

Who? Barry Morely
I’m a simple man, so I would have to say a good portable grinder. Most places on the road will offer some sort of coffee brewing equipment, usually a moka pot or French press. Having a good portable grinder (I get mine from Hario) is key for grinding the beans to the right size for your brewing equipment. 
Favourite coffee shop: The Arabica Coffee store in Kyoto Japan. Located in the Arashiyama district, it has an incredible view of the Ōi River and Arashiyama Mountains. Sitting outside with that vista – there’s no nicer way to enjoy a cup of coffee.

Barry Morely is manager at Origin Coffee Roasters in East London.

The coffee shop captain - french press

The inventor

Who? Theo Garcia
In SOLO, I created a product that eradicates the need for any equipment. When I do feel like making coffee from scratch, my all-time favourite piece of kit is the humble Moka Pot. The design is genius and it’s painstakingly slow to master.
Favourite coffee shop: Galileia – a café that I visited on the remote island of Boipeba in Brazil. The barista had a single group home-use espresso machine, explaining to me that anything bigger could cause a power cut on the island.

Theo Garcia is the co-founder of London-based SOLO coffee: producer of cold brew coffee, coffee concentrate and ready-to-drink espresso shots.

The inventor - moka pot

The executive

Who? Lisa Norgren
There was no question that I’d take my AeroPress on my trip to Australia. Riding down its beautiful west coast on my motorbike this January, I made a quick pit stop in Dunsborough (Margaret River) to pick up some coffee, which I brewed in the AeroPress… on the beach!
Favourite coffee shop: When I’m back home in Sweden, I’ll never miss a chance to visit Viktors Kaffe in Gothenburg. It’s the heart of speciality coffee in the city and sells traditional fika treats.

Lisa Norgren is a keen traveller and business development executive for our own coffee supplier, Union Coffee London.

The executive - aeropress

The writer

Who? Lani Kingston
I won’t travel without my phin, a Vietnamese slow drip filter. Mine is a basic stainless steel one, bought from a market in Hanoi, that can take a beating in a suitcase. Place it over your mug, add the ground coffee, and you can create a strong, rich brew wherever you are. 
Favourite coffee shop: I love Dart Coffee, in Santa Barbara’s Funk Zone neighbourhood, for its gorgeous SoCal outdoor garden and chill vibes.

Lani Kingston is a food writer, consultant and author of four coffee books.

The writer - phin

The luxury barista

Who? Greg Rymer
I would take the Modbar coffee machine that we use in the Claridge’s ArtSpace Café if I could! But more commonly, I’d settle for a good old cafetière (Bodum do a good one). 
Favourite coffee shop: Sant’ Eustachio iI Caffè, close to Piazza Navona in Rome. It has fantastic espresso and is a great place to stop off when exploring the city.

Greg Rymer is the barista at Claridge’s ArtSpace Café.

The luxury barista - cafetiere

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