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May 2018 / Issue 56

Sir Chris Hoy: Five unlikely epic drives

We’re used to seeing him on two wheels, but Olympic cyclist Sir Chris Hoy also has a passion for cars, as shown here, in his most memorable worldly drives


July 2018 / Issue 58

Five unlikely epic drives: David Coulthard

Motorsport maestro David Coulthard has had a spectacular a spin on top of a skyscraper and driven royalty around Monaco. These and other trips are all part of his life’s journey


August 2018 / Issue 59

Five unlikely epic drives: Patrick Dempsey

Actor and former racing driver Patrick Dempsey on cruising up to Carmel, having to slow down in Switzerland – and taking out the trash


September 2018 / EC60

Five unlikely epic drives: Lee McKenzie

Dating back to her childhood drives to Culzean Castle, journalist and presenter Lee McKenzie reveals her best memories behind the wheel


October 2018 / EC61

Five unlikely epic drives: the vintage years

Philip White of Bicester Heritage relives some of the classic-car trips that have given him and his family a lifetime of motoring memories


November 2018 / EC62

Epic Drives: the adventurers’ special

From Tasmanian tarmac to smooth sailing in South Carolina, adventurous world travellers reveal the journeys that have shaped their lives


December 2018 / EC63

Five unlikely epic drives: Petter Solberg

In his racing days, Norwegian legend Petter Solberg left a trail of dust in his wake, but which routes still stand out when he looks back?


January 2019 / EC64

Five unlikely epic drives: Felix Rosenqvist

Swedish racing talent Felix Rosenqvist hits the gas as he relives some of the incredible drives that got his adrenaline surging


February 2019 / EC65
British Airways: Made by Britain

Five unlikely epic drives: Nigel Smith

Whether in Africa or Edinburgh, Nigel Smith of renowned car dealership London Morgan has taken some journeys he’ll never forget


March 2019 / EC66
British Airways: Made by Britain

Five unlikely epic drives: Antony Sheriff

He may be the boss of Princess Yachts, but Antony Sheriff loves nothing more than putting his foot to the floor in some of the world's most sought-after cars