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Advertorial • August 2015

Day-z’s street art tour of London

Contemporary British street artist Day-z, has partnered with English watchmaking company Christopher Ward, for a unique artistic collaboration. Here the artist shares her places of inspiration

Always on the lookout for emerging talent, English watchmaking company Christopher Ward has commissioned Day-z, a 25-year-old London-based artist, to capture its first in house movement, Calibre SH21 – which drives the C9 5 Day Automatic watch – in a pencil drawing.

As an artist whose work explores the relationship between celebrity, society and consumerism, Day-z is often found roaming London’s streets to seek out inspiration. Here are some of her favourite hangouts for discovering street art. 


Old Street
Old Street is a hipster heaven full of bars, pubs and organic cafes. Almost every street artist has left their mark somewhere in this part of East London. Street artist Stik (above) has based his studio in this part of the city and you’re bound to spot one of his stick people paintings in the back streets. Works by artist Otto Schade are also common in this area. 


Curtain Road, Shoreditch
There are plenty of pieces in East London by artists including Steve Smyth, Hipsters and Shepard Fairy. Curtain Road in particular is home to ‘Star Wars’ by Space Invader (above). His mosaic tiles are a refreshing way for an artist to interact with their surroundings. It’s also funny! Pure Evil Gallery is pretty cool and a short walk away, is Mark Hix’s restaurant Tramshed.


W1 and Soho
This was the site of Banksy’s One Nation Under CCTV which featured a boy in a red jacket painting the slogan in large white letters (above). I loved the sheer size of the piece, and the fact it was sprayed on the wall of a gated Post Office building – surrounded by CCTV cameras. How did he get in there unnoticed? Although this particular piece was painted over in 2009, you can still see pieces by artist Space Invader in this area, and towards Soho. 


Camden Town (pictured above)
This part of town is packed full of street art, street food, and bustling markets – it’s not surprising artists love to draw here. I’m a fan of artist Trust Icon. His piece The War On Terror shows Jafar (from Disney’s Aladdin) being held up by a SWAT team. It highlights current political tensions in an eye catching and humorous way.

See more of Day-z’s work at the Imitate Modern gallery. For more on Christopher Ward, visit

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