Home comforts: brew your own coffee for breakfast

Expert • August 2017

How to make your hotel room feel like home

Whether it’s making sure you get a good night’s sleep or alternative uses for your in-room freebies, The Club asks a panel of British Airways pilots and cabin crew for their top tips on making your hotel room a home-away-from-home

Power up
“I often forget adaptors, but most hotel TVs now have USB connectors, so I always charge my phone or iPad this way. It also saves having to carry multiple plugs and frees up space in your suitcase.” – Kerry Kentgens (@kerry__travels), cabin crew

“I always ask for a spare key card for my room at reception and leave it permanently in the holder, except for when the room is being cleaned. It has the advantage that in hot climates it keeps the air conditioning working.” – Captain Rob de Martino, A380 fleet

Home entertainment
“Make the room into your own personal entertainment centre by taking a small Bluetooth speaker to enhance the sound of a movie, or to enjoy your own music from your phone or tablet.” – Chief Pilot Allister Bridger, Boeing 747 fleet
Club tip: If you don’t have a speaker, try putting your phone inside one of the glasses provided to amplify the sound.

“If your room has a smart TV, download a few movies before you leave home and throw an HDMI cable into your carry-on – that way you can stream them directly onto the TV.” – The Club editorial team

Relax and recover
“I always bring magnesium bath salts with me when I have a layover. They’re easy to carry on, and the magnesium is great for soothing sore, tired limbs – perfect after a long flight.” – Jess Parr (@thelayoverlife), cabin crew

A proper brew
“I take a big mug with me for my tea in the morning. Hotel room mugs are always so small and it feels much more like home when you’re drinking from your own cup.” – Lauren Smith (@lauren_92s) – cabin crew

“Hotel room coffee isn’t usually great, so I pack my Bodum travel cafetière. That way, my morning coffee is always my favourite ground espresso wherever I am in the world.” – Jess Parr


Forty winks
“One of the components of good ‘sleep hygiene’ is ensuring your room is truly dark once the lights are turned off. Unplug alarm clocks (the displays are often bright) and block the red light on the front of the TV with an item of clothing. It’s also worth reading up on the hotel before you book a room. Review sites often have specific advice on the best floors and areas for quiet stays, away from the lifts.” – Senior First Officer Mark Vanhoenacker (@markv747), pilot and author

“If the curtains in your room don’t quite close and you need to keep out the light, clip them together using a trouser hanger from the wardrobe.” – Grace Roberts 

Looking good
“If there isn’t an iron in your room and the hotel doesn’t have one available, try hanging your clothes up in the bathroom when you take a hot shower – the steam should help smooth out the creases. And that body lotion? It makes a great shoe shiner – just be sure to test it on an inconspicuous spot first, to be on the safe side.” – The Club editorial team

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