Take a seat at one of Olivia’s favourite European spots – The Belmond Cipriano, Venice. Photo: Tyson Sadlo

BA PEOPLE • August 2018

The Guru

Olivia Moss
Olivia Moss

British Airways Holidays’ Destination Manager

Who has the world’s best job? In her role as British Airways Holidays’ Destination Manager, it could well be Olivia Moss. Alongside her team, she has the enviable job of flying around the world deciding which hotels make suitable partners for the airline. Here, she tells The Club what her role involves

How do you choose a BA hotel?

As well as properties in key locations, we need a broad selection of large hotel chains, boutiques and independent offerings. We then make sure we have hotels suited to all types of traveller, plus a range of budgets. Hotels must pass our health and safety requirements. They need to be of a high standard – not necessarily five-star – but high levels of cleanliness, accommodation and service.

Do you get to stay in them?

Yes. I travel once every other month and as well as overnighting in some, I’ll visit around six hotels each day of my trip.

What makes a good hotel?

I like tech-savvy hotels, where you can check in yourself, open your door with your phone, and if they have USB ports and plugs in convenient spots, all the better. I also prefer environmentally friendly hotels, where, for instance, shampoo and conditioner are offered in big containers, not amenity sizes. Many give you the option not to have your room cleaned, offering rewards points in exchange. For example, we’ve partnered with Hotel Spero in San Francisco, where you receive US$5 of restaurant credit if you don’t have your room made up. I also like hotels that make you feel at home, such as the Move Well concept from Westin Hotels, which lends guests workout gear and recommends running routes.

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Which are your top three stand-out hotels?

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas hosts an amazing pool party and adapts the pool into an ice-skating rink in winter! We’re now flying to Durban, where there’s a wonderful hotel called The Oyster Box (above) with a spectacular infinity pool that looks out onto the Indian Ocean. Closer to the UK, the Belmond Cipriani on one of Venice’s islands is attached to a magnificent 15th-century residence, and has three world-class restaurants overlooking the lagoon.

When is the best time to book?

It’s no secret that many travel companies, British Airways included, often heavily discount after Christmas and in January, making this a good time to look out for some of the best airfare and hotel deals.

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With its oodles of southern charm, it's no wonder Nashville’s on Olivia’s mind

Which are the hottest destinations?

With our Nashville route launched in May and directs flights to Durban starting in October, these destinations are seeing a lot of interest. We started looking for partner hotels for both cities as soon as we knew they were being added to the network, so we already have some properties, with more in the pipeline. 

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