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Emma Raducanu: secret AV enthusiast

Emma Raducanu
Emma Raducanu


She’s been travelling between tennis tournaments since she was ten years old. Almost a decade on, Emma Raducanu is still jet-setting as much as ever for her sport – it’s just that today she’s flying in First. Ahead of her appearance at the next US Open, we score time with the current Women’s Singles Champion (and our very own Global Ambassador) to talk about finding herself in Singapore, tuna auctions and where’s next on her agenda

How do you feel about the upcoming anniversary of your fantastic win?
This past year has been tough. It’s had its challenges but I’m so looking forward to going back to New York. I’ve obviously got such great memories there and I just love the city. Whatever happens on the tennis court, I think it’ll be a good way to close the year and the chapter. Then we can build and start afresh after that.

Why do you love New York?
Because of its character. I’m getting there the week before the US Open to practise, but also because I just love spending time there. Down every street there’s something cool or interesting that catches your eye. I feel like I’m still pretty young, so I just love that kind of constant energy it brings. There’s definitely something about New York.

Inset-winning the US Open

Emma at the 2021 US Open. Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Have you ever missed a flight?
Not yet – touch wood – but I almost missed two in the last month. We literally got there, checked in and made it with something like 30 seconds to spare.

What are your three in-flight essentials?
Tic Tacs! They come in handy for when your ears pop or you want a bit of a snack. Noise-cancelling headphones are a massive one – and a good book. Last thing I read was The Alchemist, which I thought was very good. It really changed my perspective.

“You would think I’d be better at packing by now, but I still haven’t cracked the code”

Do you have any packing quirks?
I always take my milk frother with me wherever I go, just in case! That way I can always froth my milk and have my great coffee or hot chocolate on the road.

What kind of traveller are you?
No matter how long I’ve been travelling for (and I’ve been travelling since I was ten, for tennis), I still take around five hours to pack and get ready. You would think I’d be better at it by now, but I still haven’t cracked the code. I end up packing about 25 outfits that I’m just never going to wear.

What has been your most memorable trip?
I think it has to be Singapore for me. I absolutely loved it. I was there earlier this year and actually going there and experiencing it felt like this great reflection of myself, since it’s where East and West meet. They speak Mandarin and English, the food is great and the people are really welcoming. I was very surprised by how I was received there.

Aisle or window seat?
Window. It’s not a must, but I love seeing the sky. I’ve seen some great sunsets and sunrises. Depends though. Obviously that bit of extra legroom in the aisle is good, too!


“I just love being in the driving seat”

You’ve been quoted as saying you’re “fascinated by aviation”. What intrigues you?
This reminds me that I managed to go in the (really cool) British Airways simulator recently and, honestly, I just love being in the driving seat. Whether that’s cars, motorbikes, planes, everything. I have this thing where I want to get every licence there is, but it might take me a while.

Do you have a favourite plane, and why?
Concorde. I’d have loved to have been able to fly supersonic.


What is top of your bucket list destination?
Tokyo, for sure. It’s number one. I really, really want to go there, and I haven’t explored Asia as much as I would have liked to. I’ve been to China plenty because my mum’s from there, but I really want to go and watch the cherry blossom and go to a tuna auction. The blossom might not be possible since it’s such a tough time for me in the calendar that it’s probably never going to happen. But I’ve also heard there’s really good shopping...

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