ADVERTORIAL • December 2018

Bremont watches: the perfect Christmas treat

Whether it’s fashion or technology, we’ve all been told to go for something that’ll last. And while the concept of quality over quantity isn’t new, it’s often forgotten come Christmas time. This year, we say buck the trend and spend the buck, with these investment pieces (and accessories) from premium British watchmakers, Bremont

The heritage timepiece

The heritage timepiece

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Concorde’s barrier-breaking maiden flight in 1969, the limited edition Supersonic by Bremont is an iconic watch made to mark the achievements of an iconic aircraft. It’s the brand’s eighth historical timepiece thanks to the material embedded in its evocative structure - original aluminium from Alpha Bravo, the last of the seven Concordes owned by British Airways. Only 500 Supersonic watches (available in rose gold, white gold and stainless steel) have been crafted, so make sure to get yours before time runs out. 
Extra treat: Whether you want to replace a tired looking watch strap or just want to switch up the look, Bremont's range of top-quality leather straps - available in an attractive array of shades - are perfect for the job.

The diver’s treasure

The diver’s treasure

A limited edition of just 300 pieces, the Bremont Waterman is all about the ocean - its energy, protection and the technological finesse required to explore its depths. Bremont ambassador, diver, fisher, surfer, and all-round ‘waterman’ Mark Healey pressure-tested the watch in his native Hawaiian waters, with proceeds of the watch dedicated to his chosen coastline conservation charity. A must for serious divers (the watch can function down to 500m), it’s also just as great for those who are serious about style, with a fashion-forward face and deep-blue indexes.
Extra treat: For a crafty swig on cold evenings, Bremont’s own hip flask - hand covered with English leather in a subtle teal finish - will bring a luxurious edge to any outdoor adventure.

The aviation special

The aviation special

Inspired by ground-breaking aviation tales and triumphs, it’s no surprise Bremont’s co-founders Nick and Giles English designed a watch in tribute to the first ever flight. Back in 1903, fellow fraternal pair the Wright brothers built the world’s first heavier-than-air aircraft. Now over a 100 years later, the Wright Flyer range by Bremont is one of the brand’s most unique limited editions with just a few of the 450 watches built still available to buy. Melding modern-day tech with heritage stories of the past, each timepiece in the collection features a piece of original muslin material used to cover the 1903 Wright Flyer, nestled between the rotor plate and sapphire crystal window.
Extra treat: Named after the British aviation company who lead the way in fighter ejection seat technology - the Bremont MB Barrel Cufflinks feature a knurled crisscross design popular on the brand’s Martin Baker watch range. Each cufflink stars the Bremont propeller logo, as well as a choice of slick russet red, bronze and anthracite finishes.

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