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How Twinings are transforming the world of hydration

Whether it's summer or winter, a morning in the gym or a day slumped on the sofa, we all need to stay hydrated. Using all-natural ingredients, Twinings are turning hydration into a taste revelation, with their new Cold In’fuse collection. An eco and taste bud friendly answer to single-use plastics, we unbottle the secret

With simple ideas

Simple ideas

‘Drop, leave, shake and enjoy’. Words you might hear at a cocktail-making masterclass, these four instructions are in fact the easy method for imbuing your H2O with a hit of fruity goodness. The UK’s first cold water infusion, just pop one of Twining’s new infusers into a water bottle, give it a good jiggle and watch as the natural ingredients transform taste and colour in under 5 minutes.

With hydration at their heart

Hydration at heart

The average person in the UK only drinks 1.7 litres of water per day - well below the recommended amount of 2.5 litres for men or 2.0 litres for women, as defined by most leading health organisations. One obvious solution for this is to improve the taste of the water itself. And while so many alternatives contain sugars, colours or artificial sweeteners, the Cold In’fuse collection is crafted with all-natural ingredients to help make keeping hydrated more enjoyable, without a grain of sugar in sight.

With the environment on their mind

Environment on the mind

Over a million plastic bottles are bought every minute across the globe, most of which are used for water and flavoured drinks. As an alternative, Twinings suggest using just one. With Cold In’fuse, you fill the same In’fuse reusable bottle with water from a tap, then add your 100 per cent biodegradable infuser (stored in fully recyclable jars) for exciting flavour and a drip-free drink on the go.

With six fantastic flavours

Six fantastic flavours

Lucky for us, the brand’s master blenders have created six tantalising flavours. There’s a sunny combination of watermelon, sweet strawberries and a just a hint of mint; a classic English medley of blueberries, apples and blackcurrants to give your water an orchard burst; a zesty pinch of citrus and spicy ginger to spark your attention; a light and refreshing rose and lemon; a tropical passion fruit mixed with mango notes and an added twist of blood orange, and lastly, a beach-beckoned mix of sweet pineapple and cool coconut, set against the distinguished taste of Green Tea.

With age-old experience

Age-old experience

300 years is usually enough time to be really good at your job and, as it turns out, Twinings have only gotten better with age. Ten generations of the Twining family have been at the helm to witness the creation of the famous English Breakfast blend, and even supply tea to the Red Cross during the war. You might catch Stephen Twining in his seven-times great grandfather’s flagship store (which boasts the world’s oldest logo) on 216 Strand, London - a spot where you can buy a Twinings blend or two for yourself. Whichever you choose, you’ll find there’s drop of history, and a whole lot of expertise, in every creation. 

To find out more about Twinings new Cold In’fuse collection, click here

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