Fresh flight: The Boeing 787 Dreamliner takes the top spot as Thyra’s favourite aircraft

BA PEOPLE • December 2018

The Guru: The cabin crew vlogger

Thyra Opoku Adjei
Thyra Adjei

British Airways Cabin Crew

As a member of British Airways’ cabin crew, Thyra Adjei gets to travel the world as her day job. But recently, the 27-year-old has also been exploring behind the scenes at the airline, trying her hand at some of the other roles that keep the operation running smoothly. With more than half a million people following her adventures online, Thyra tells Marisa Cannon about her favourite discoveries

What inspired your Take Off Tuesday vlog series?
The opportunity to get an Access All Areas pass at Heathrow, and to experience different parts of the company that I wouldn’t normally get to see on such a personal level. There was no holding me back when I found out that I might be able to actually wash an aircraft – how many people can say they’ve done that?

Out of the roles you experienced, including baggage handler, pilot and meal-taster, which impressed you the most?
That’s a tough one because every department runs a tight operation, but I’m a team player so if I had to pick one it would be catering. They prepare around 45,000 meals every day and plan their menus a year in advance. A huge amount of preparation goes into making sure passengers are well fed on board. To me that’s impressive because I don’t even know what I’m having for dinner tonight. The most challenging role would have to be check-in. It’s where most customers first interact with our staff and it sets the tone for the rest of their trip.

How was the pilot simulator?
It was one of my favourite episodes to film. I couldn’t believe how much it really felt like being on board a plane. The motion and sounds during take-off and landing were so realistic.

What do you most enjoy about being cabin crew?
Travelling the world. I know there are many careers where you get to do that, but as cabin crew, you actually have time to explore. Your responsibilities are on the aircraft, and once you’ve landed, the time in that destination is yours. When I’m working, it’s also great to be able to meet so many different people from all walks of life.

Where is your favourite destination?
Kuala Lumpur (pictured below) – it’s such a buzzing city, full of life. But I really want to get an overnight stop in Belfast – it sounds and looks so fascinating.


Which is your favourite aircraft in the fleet?
It has to be the Boeing 787 (pictured top of page). Known fondly as the Dreamliner, it’s such a sleek aircraft. The windows are 30 per cent larger than other similar planes, and rather than manually using a window blind, passengers can dim them by using a button. It’s also a dream to fly in because the air is less dry, so you feel much fresher when you arrive at your destination.

What would people be surprised to learn about cabin crew?
Cabin crew are incredibly skilled – we undergo five to six weeks of training, from providing world-class customer service to delivering a baby. And each year we’re tested on our safety and medical knowledge to ensure we stay up to date with procedures. Our skills in this area are second to none. One thing most people probably aren’t aware of is that we fly with a different crew team every flight, so, unlike a conventional job, we have a new set of colleagues every time we fly.

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