Feeling bright? Put your Christmas travel trivia to the test. Illustration for The Club by Neil Webb

TRAVEL FROM HOME • December 2020

The Club’s big festive quiz

Quizzes have been de rigueur this year, so why break the trend? This year’s Big Festive Quiz uncovers seasonal traditions around the world, testing your trivia skills and most definitely boosting your cultural cachet…

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Question one

In Austria, St Nicholas has an evil accomplice, complete with ghoulish horns, fangs and a snaking tongue, who is said to wander the streets in search of badly-behaved children. What is his name?

a) Belsnickle
b) The Krampus
c) Knecht Ruprecht

Question two

In the Venezuelan capital of Caracas, people travel to Mass on Christmas morning using which mode of transport?

a) Scooter
b) Rollerskates
c) Skateboard


Question three

Christmas has not historically held much clout in Japan but, in 1974, which global fast food chain launched a festive meal deal that has stuck to this day, using the slogan Kurisumasu ni wa kentakkii?

a) KFC
b) McDonald’s
c) Burger King

Question four

Christmas in South Africa is celebrated with deep-fried servings of which insect?

a) Locust
b) Termite
c) Caterpillar 

Question five

On Christmas Eve, Chinese families and friends give which fruit to one another, as a symbol of peace?

a) Bananas
b) Mandarins
c) Apples

Question six

In the Netherlands, children eagerly place which item by the fire or windowsill, in the hope that Sinterklaas will fill them with treats in the night?

a) Hats
b) Shoes
c) Socks


Question seven

Believed to bring good luck, which ‘decoration’ do Ukrainians use to adorn their Christmas trees?

a) Spider webs
b) Oak leaves
c) Coloured string

Question eight

New Zealanders eschew the customary fir tree in place of which native tree at Christmas?

a) The Pohutukawa tree, which has bright crimson flowers
b) The Plum Pine, the seeds of which can be made into jams and jellies
c) The Whiteywood, which has striking, violet-coloured berries

Question nine

In Italy, Father Christmas is helped by a kind, elderly witch who, the story goes, refused to join the three wise men when the baby Jesus was born. Regretting her decision, she now brings gifts to other children around the country at Christmas. What is her name?

a) Natalia
b) Befana
c) Epifania

Question ten

In Spain, it is tradition to wear underwear of which colour on New Year’s Eve?

a) Orange
b) Black
c) Red

Email your guesses to theclub@cedarcom.co.uk

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