Freddie Reidy
Freddie Reidy

THE INSIDE TRACK • December 2022

Want to earn double Tier Points this year? Here’s how…

Whatever your reason for travel, if you’ve found yourself here, it’s safe to assume that you consider the journey as very much a part of the experience. It’s also highly possible that you hope to be transported up the tiers of the Executive Club with the same expediency as our dedicated crew transports you around the globe. Need a quick refresher on how it all works? Check out this guide to get you up to speed...

Whether you dream of a dedicated Club check-in or the promise of collecting extra Avios (some perks of Bronze membership), the lure of the hallowed Galleries lounges (with Silver membership) or the rarefied confines of Galleries First (with Gold membership), here are a few tips for how to speed up the odyssey and unlock a treasure trove of membership benefits. And if you’ve been sent this article by a thoughtful friend eager to help you indulge in your wanderlust, here’s how to join the Executive Club and gain your wings.


Star turn

When only sun and street life will do, Seville is the perfect destination for a cultural and foodie break, with jasmine-scented squares, delectable tapas and more monuments than you can shake a selfie stick at. What’s more, though, is that for a limited time only you can earn double Tier Points when combining flights and a hotel when booking through British Airways Holidays. Tier Points are normally only collected when flying, with your total resetting each year, so this is an opportunity not to be missed.

inset-route 66

Hit the road, Jack

Another route to the British Airways red carpet is by combining car hire and flights to double those Tier Points. And if the open road is calling, make it a classic. Route 66 is a highway to discovering the soul of America, intersecting eight states on what is surely a bucket list-worthy adventure. Thanks to another amazing offering from British Airways Holidays, chasing the horizon along the legendary interstate will garner you Tier Points in the same way as your flight to the starting line.

Booked through British Airways Holidays, a return flight with car hire in World Traveller Plus could yield a whopping 360 Tier Points – enough to propel you to Bronze in one fell swoop.


The insider tip

Here’s one for the pros. Not all routes within British Airways’ extensive network offer the same return on Tier Points. Tier Point areas are calculated by distance, but there are a few exceptions. Within our extensive list of European destinations, for example, you will discover several routes with double Tier Points. These routes, while offering fantastic travel experiences in themselves, also open up an express lane to the myriad perks offered with your rising Executive Club status.

Teetering on the edge of Silver with the taste of complementary Champagne tantalisingly close? Consider a Scandinavian sojourn. The Finnish archipelago of Helsinki offers a cornucopia of architectural variety, from the Modernist Rock Church to the Neoclassical splendour of the market square. Culinary delights can be found within Markus Hurskainen’s Story restaurant and, if you visit in the colder months, there is even a public sauna on the waterfront. What’s more, a standard return in Euro Traveller will earn you twice the number of Tier Points and a return in Club Europe will double that figure again to 160 Tier Points for a short-haul flight (terms apply).

Other exciting opportunities abound. You can earn the same number of Tier Points if you fly return to Istanbul to explore its exquisite mosques and Grand Bazaar – perhaps enjoying an aperitivo or two at Mandarin Oriental Bosphorus’s sleek Novikok bar. Or consider the romantic Romanian capital of Bucharest to ogle at Art Deco wonders and dance until dawn in the very modern clubs of the Old City. Or visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site casbah in Algiers – a city whose vibrant and beautiful coastline is illuminated by a uniquely glorious light. Then there’s Malaga, Tenerife, Tirana, Reykjavik and a whole host of other destinations waiting to welcome and reward the intrepid traveller.

Your Executive Club journey just got even easier.

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