ADVERTORIAL • February 2021

The Club’s guide to turning Nectar points into Avios

As a member of the British Airways Executive Club, you’ll be well aware of the many different ways you can collect Avios. And you’ll probably be pretty expert at making the most of them, choosing from rewards such as flights, upgrades, hotel stays, car hire and more.

But now a whole new world of possibilities has arrived, because BA has partnered with Nectar, one of the biggest loyalty schemes in the UK. More than 350 brands offer Nectar points with purchases, including Sainsbury’s.

Don’t have a Nectar account?
Now that you can convert Nectar points into Avios, there’s suddenly more reason than ever to get yourself a Nectar account. It’s simple to link your Nectar and Executive Club accounts, and you can even choose to convert points automatically on a weekly basis. And, as an Executive Club Member, you can link your Avios account to any Nectar account within your household, family or friends.


Shop to fly
When you bag your essentials at Sainsbury’s, you’ll be picking up points and getting bonus points on your favourite products with the Nectar app. And all those points can be converted into Avios. In the depths of winter, let your trolley help to transport you to sunnier climes as you dream of a summer getaway powered by your points. Maybe a diving holiday in the Maldives will start with the purchase of a box of fish fingers? Or will a pack of feta cheese be the springboard to a taste of Ancient Greece as you explore the Acropolis in Athens?

The more points you collect, the more new stories you can begin.

Can I only collect Nectar points with Sainsbury’s?
Linking your Nectar Membership with your BA Executive Club Membership will accelerate your earning potential, and that’s especially true when you realise there are plenty of different ways to collect Nectar points. Other partners include eBay, Esso and Argos.

And if travel isn’t part of your plans right now, you can also transfer your Avios into Nectar points and access all the rewards they bring.

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