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Seven reasons to join Barclays Avios Rewards

Executive Club Members know Avios are the passport to travelling further and better for less. What they might not know is the lucky customers of Barclays Premier Banking enjoy the only current account that can collect Avios for you, regardless of your spending activity 

So, whether you are already a Barclays Premier Banking customer1 or want to make the easy switch to become one, joining Barclays Avios Rewards2 is an effortless way to collect Avios, turbo-charging those travel plans and dreams. Here are seven reasons why it’s a no-brainer. Eligibility, conditions and a £12 monthly fee apply.

Sit back and relax

Members of Barclays Avios Rewards are able to keep their British Airways Executive Club accounts flying high. That’s because with Barclays Avios Rewards you’ll collect 1,500 Avios month in, month out, all for just £12 a month. That’s 18,000 Avios dropping into your account each year. After all, smart travellers collect rewards even when they are grounded.


A bonus for switchers

If you’re not banking with Barclays but can’t resist the Avios collection and do decide to switch your current account, you could enjoy a bumper joining bonus of 25,000 Avios.3 Simply opt in to Barclays Avios Rewards within four months of opening your first Barclays current account and then complete a full switch of your old current account using the Current Account Switch Service within three months of joining Barclays Avios Rewards.

Another Avios bump

If you’re an existing Barclays customer and have been with the bank for at least four months, never fear, as you too will net a joining bonus – of 2,500 Avios. Add that to the 1,500 Avios that will drop automatically into your account once a month and you’re amassing 20,500 Avios in your first year.

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Something to look forward to

Even better news is the special perk of a British Airways cabin upgrade voucher to use on an Avios Reward Flight booking, delivered on each anniversary of you signing up.4 A seat in British Airways’ World Traveller Plus (premium economy) or Club World (business) cabins could be your step-up celebration.

See the world

So you’ve collected at least 18,000 Avios without having to spend anything (bar that £12 monthly fee), which can’t be bad. But where could they take you? The good news is they could be traded for a peak British Airways Euro Traveller return flight to must-see cities such as Paris or Nice. At 25,000 Avios, you could be packing for Lisbon.5

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Mobile management

The Barclays app6 has the added bonus of letting you keep track of all the Avios Rewards accumulated since joining Barclays Avios Rewards, and the ability to view all the Avios collected in your Executive Club account thus far.

Signing up is simple

To enjoy the bounty of Barclays Avios Rewards benefits, you just need to be a Barclays Premier Banking customer – this means you need to have an income of £75,000 or have £100,000 saved or invested with them.1 You can then opt in to Barclays Avios Rewards for just £12 a month if you’re already registered for the Barclays app and have signed up to paperless banking.2 

To learn more and opt in to Barclays Avios Rewards today, click here 


1To join Barclays Premier Banking, you’ll need to have a minimum of £100,000 in savings or investments with Barclays, or have an annual gross income of £75,000 or more paid into a Barclays current account. Barclays will review your eligibility for Premier Banking regularly. If your circumstances change and you no longer meet the Premier eligibility criteria, Barclays will switch your account to the Barclays Bank Account in its Personal Banking service.

2You can opt in to Barclays Avios Rewards if you’re a Premier Banking customer or have a personal Wealth current account with Barclays – you’ll need to register for the Barclays app and have a British Airways Executive Club account too. There’s a £12 monthly fee and you have to opt out of Barclays Blue Rewards and go paperless for all your accounts and services with Barclays. To access Barclays Avios Rewards in the Barclays app, you need to be over 18. You can join Premier Banking if you have an income of £75,000 or £100,000 held with Barclays. T&Cs apply.

3To qualify for the 25,000 Avios joining bonus, you’ll need to join Barclays Avios Rewards - within 4 months of opening your first Barclays current account. Then, you’ll need to complete a full switch of your old current account to us, using the Current Account Switch Service - within 3 months of joining Barclays Avios Rewards. You will then receive your joining bonus in the fourth month of Barclays Avios Rewards membership.

4You can find out more information about the cabin upgrade voucher in the Barclays app. Cabin upgrade vouchers must be used on Avios reward flight bookings. Reward flights and cabin upgrades are subject to availability. Taxes, fees and carrier charges per person apply. Additional terms and conditions apply to the use of the cabin upgrade voucher, please go to ba.com/barclays-avios-rewards for more information.

5Reward Flight Saver fare quoted is subject to availability. Terms plus £9 for your taxes, fees and carrier charges per person apply. Other pricing options are available. Visit ba.com to learn how to use your Avios and for more information about Reward Flight Saver. All tangible examples accurate as of November 2021.

6You need to be 18 or over to access this product or service using the Barclays App. T&Cs apply.

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