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THE GEAR • February 2023

The best kit for some in-flight TLC

Pencilling in time for yourself in a busy schedule is easier said than done. If you’re a frequent jetsetter, there’s a window of opportunity for some self-love at 35,000 feet. These six must-haves, which can be purchased through our shopping portal, are sure to have you feeling fresh and fabulous for touchdown

Spellbinding skincare

Magic wands aren’t just a thing of fairy tales. After take-off, settle into your seat, find a good film or podcast and grab your Advanced Skincare Wand by Solawave. As you gently massage your face, the smooth head delivers a warm microcurrent and red-light therapy that deeply penetrates the skin. When you step off the plane, your face should feel tighter as well as appear smoother and more energised.


Catch forty winks

With nearly three-quarters of Brits not getting enough zzzs each night, it’s no wonder so many of us are weighed down by stress and exhaustion. The award-winning, ultra-comfortable Kokoon Nightbuds are like having your own sleep guardian angel to hush noise while you snooze. Not only do the tiny headphones mask external sounds but, as soon as you press play and unwind to the relaxing bespoke audio, its sensors adapt to your sleep, fading out the audio when you doze off.


Blissful books

Nurturing your mind is as essential as pampering your body. Enveloping yourself in a gripping read while soaring through the skies does a world of good. For some added self-indulgence, soothe your soul with Ikigai: The Japanese Secret for a Long and Happy Life. Delve into the culture and values of the Japanese concept of ikigai – ‘the purpose of life’. Master how to live in the moment and bring more joy to your day-to-day life with tools shared by the world’s longest-living people – the residents of the island of Okinawa.


Good vibrations

Check in with yourself and take a moment to scan your body for any tensions. Are your shoulders up by your ears? Are your calves feeling sore from rushing through the airport? Or do you just love a massage? Bring along the travel-sized Theragun Mini Percussive Therapy Massager by Therabody. Ease tight muscles anywhere on your body by using one of the three scientifically calibrated speeds – up to 2,400 percussions per minute. And don’t worry about disturbing your neighbours – this high-tech device is quieter than a toothbrush.


Put your feet up

Nodding off on a flight – even once you put your seat back, plug in your earphones and pull down your eye mask – is made even easier with this affordable Airplane Footrest Hammock. An ingenious small hammock clips on to the seat in front of you to raise your legs into a more comfortable and natural position for snoozing. It also prevents bothersome ankle swelling, so you can start your holiday with a spring in your step.

foot rest

Soak up the good stuff

Doze off with a calming Cold Plasma Plus+ Concentrated Treatment Sheet Mask by Perricone MD. Place the separate upper and lower sections on your face, close your eyes and let your skin absorb vitamin C ester, copper tripeptide and phospholipids. The brightening antioxidant amino acids and moisture-infusing ingredients will leave you looking radiant, firm and blemish-free. If you pre-purchase your facemask through our High Life Shop using your Avios, you can have it delivered to your seat on your next flight, or, if you're a UK customer, straight to your home.


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