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INSPIRATION • January 2021

The Club’s guide to keeping your New Year Resolutions

Studies have shown that fewer than 25 per cent of people stay committed to their resolutions after just 30 days, and only eight per cent accomplish them at all. So, whether you’re hoping to ditch fast fashion, eat more home-cooked meals or tidy those finances, make 2021 the year you buck trend

Achieving your goals

Says who? Bernard Roth, academic director at Stanford d.school and author of The Achievement Habit 
The key to successful New Year resolutions is choosing them properly. Most people don’t, and it’s not too late to change yours. When selecting a resolution, ask, “What do l really want it to achieve?” When my friend resolved to diet, I questioned him about it. Turns out, he really wanted romance. Losing weight was his misguided way of trying to achieve it. I convinced him to change it to ‘find a partner’. Instead of restricting his food intake (we both knew his diet would not have lasted till February), he joined an online dating service. Now he’s on his way to actually resolving that resolution. So, whether you want to excel at work, get noticed at work, or make a change in your personal life, sit down and take some time to ask yourself, “What do I really want?” After you figure that out, fulfilling your resolution can be a piece of cake!

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Giving up the booze

Says who? Matthew Jukes, founder of Jukes Cordialities
In my ‘day job’ writing about wine, I have chanted the age-old mantra of ‘fewer but finer’ for no less than 20 years. January slows us down when it comes to alcohol consumption and this reset month is welcome but, ironically, the trick to cutting it out is by not giving up – on taste, that is. These days, alcohol-free substitutes are managing to curate replica drinking experiences with grown-up flavours. I created Jukes so that on our days off we can experience all of the complexity and depth of flavour of a well-chosen wine, but with no grapes or fermentation involved. Organic apple cider vinegar is the key ingredient: healthy, dry and invigorating and, around this core, the finest fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and flowers to create a drink that we can genuinely look forward to. Make it fun: test out some non-alcoholic brands (you can find more here), find your favourites, and remember, ‘fewer but finer’. It’ll be your new-found mantra in no time.

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Living sustainably: saying no to new clothes 

Says who? Lauren Bravo, author of How to Break Up with Fast Fashion
With a staggering carbon footprint and inhumane supply chains, fashion is the new toxic relationship. But quitting shopping doesn’t mean sacrificing style. Adopt the ‘secondhand first’ rule – before buying anything new, check out thrift stores and resale sites such as eBay and Vestiaire Collective. Scratch that trend itch via rental apps such as ByRotation and HURR Collective, or try subscription service Onloan for a monthly wardrobe refresh without the waste. Meanwhile, The Seam app will match you with local tailors to repair and revitalise your unloved items. Remember: the most sustainable garment is the one already in your wardrobe. 

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Sorting out your finances

Says who? Iona Bain, award-winning finance writer and founder of the Young Money Blog
This year, make time for money admin. It won’t happen on its own: schedule in 30 minutes once a week, or whenever you can feel the issues start to build up. I recommend ‘eating the frog’ first thing, e.g. a tricky call to haggle with your mobile provider. Separate your finance goals into urgent (bills to be paid now), mid-term (cutting down bills) and long-time (retirement plans); and why not try a budgeting app? Money Dashboard is a good one for those happy with their current bank. Ring-fence a handful of luxuries and try savvier substitutes for everything else. Finally, schedule a direct debit to build up your ‘argh’ fund: start at just ten per cent, transferred into a savings account on the day after you’re paid.

To read Iona’s original piece, click here


Seeing more of the world

Says who? Hannah Ralph, editor of The Club 
British Airways’ book with confidence commitment isn’t going anywhere, and neither are the flexible flight adjustments, hassle-free and fee-free cancellations that come with it. With that in mind, the team here at The Club is hoping to make up for a year of lost travels by heading straight to the British Airways Sale, running until 2 February 2021. A New York devotee, I’m eyeing up return flights from £269 (there are five-night holiday packages available from £472) – with these discounted flights available right until the end of 2021. Sun-seekers will want to check out the Caribbean (Barbados return flights and seven-night hotel stay from £529pp – we wouldn’t say no) and the Indian Ocean (you can bag a seven-night holiday in Mauritius from just £699pp). While those who fancy a quick jaunt to Europe will find the tastiest fares of the whole sale, with culture-packed escapes from just £99pp.  

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Home-cooking your way to health

Says who? Myles Hopper, nutritional coach and co-founder of Mindful Chef
January is the month to reassess: do you want to cook more at home? Do you want to reduce the amount of meat you eat? My goal for 2021 is to eat more as a family, as I find it’s always better to take something up, rather than give something up. That way, eating less chocolate simply becomes eating more fruit. And, as ever with food, it’s about setting realistic goals: e.g. a healthy breakfast every day, takeaways on Friday nights only. Preparation goes hand in hand with goal-making so naturally I’d say check out Mindful Chef, which sorts you out completely on the home-cooking front. Otherwise, it’s on you to take control of that weekly shop, filling your cupboards with healthy snacks (nuts, chopped veg, smoothies, etc). Grabbing nutritionally empty snacks is way too easy… so make it harder!

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