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Going wild with British Airways Holidays

Since 1984, Born Free has worked tirelessly across the world to preserve and protect wildlife in its natural habitat. For the past two years, the foundation has helped British Airways Holidays shape its animal welfare policy, launching an industry-leading and PETA award-winning animal welfare policy back in 2019. Here, we share some updates from the wild side...

Making a stand for customers

As a result of Born Free’s expert guidance, British Airways Holidays (BAH) makes sure that any hotels that keep wild animals on site are clearly labelled. This allows you to make fully informed decisions on the holidays you choose. Not only this, but you won’t find any attractions sold by British Airways Holidays where animals are central to the experience.


Making a stand for animals

BAH supports the charity’s vision that all wild animals – whether living in captivity or in the wild – are treated with compassion and respect. This is a subject close to the hearts of many of you out there – 80 per cent* of the UK public agree that travel companies should stop selling tickets to attractions that keep whales and dolphins in captivity for entertainment.

*Based on an independent study by the Born Free Foundation

Introducing industry-leading policies

Raise the Red Flag is Born Free’s way of giving you the opportunity to report captive animal suffering, while also raising awareness of sites animal lovers may want to avoid. BAH supports not only this, but also the creation of the new Panthera Africa Cat Sanctuary in South Africa. Born and raised in captivity, two lionesses, Alpha and Cora, were moved to Panthera in October 2019 where they have since thrived, spending their lives safely surrounded by the sights and sounds of their natural habitat.


Committing to long-term change

British Airways Holidays also continues to advise its hotel partners that it believes the most appropriate place for wild animals is in their natural environment and that it would welcome a future change in their approach. During those conversations, BAH has shared guidance from Born Free, outlining how hotels may choose to explore retiring existing animals and rehoming them in the best possible environment.

What’s next?

In 2022, you can visit Born Free’s UK-wide exhibition in celebration and honour of the life of its co-founder Bill Travers MBE, in what would have been the year of his 100th birthday. The tour features 20 stunning life-size, bronze lion sculptures and kicks off in London this January.

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