Lose yourself in the music at The Roundhouse, one of Jazzie B's favourite London venues. Photo: Getty Images

CLUB PEOPLE • July 2018

My Club: Jazzie B

Jazzie B
Jazzie B


Back to life, back to reality: as 2018 awaits the comeback of 1990s funk band Soul II Soul, legendary frontman and Executive Club Member Jazzie B reveals his favourite London borough, his in-flight playlist, and why he’d never travel without his hankie 

Which is your favourite part of London to explore?

Camden, 100 per cent. I started out on the market stalls there, which was, in effect, the birthplace of Soul II Soul. From live music to tattoo artists to public sculptures – this place is vital when it comes to creativity in the capital. KOKO is a fantastic music venue, as is the Roundhouse. Start at The Stables (Camden’s famous indoor market) and work your way down the high street – you’ll see the melting pot of London life. 

Where is your favourite place in the word?

Antigua, home to the famed 365 beaches and the coolest people this side of the equator. My parents live there, and I’m so lucky they do because it really is a beautiful gem of a place. If you check out one thing, let it be Half Moon Bay (pictured below) – it’s the classic, unspoilt, sandy Caribbean beach. And because the island is so good for seafood, you have to try out one of my favourite restaurants, Papa Zouk, where you’ll get superb fresh fish and good rum. 

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What would be on your in-flight music playlist?

I have songs from American singer Curtis Mayfield on repeat, always. And Donny Hathaway, too – he had a fantastic bluesy voice. I’d also have some Jamaican reggae from Dennis Brown, and maybe some long instrumental piano solos from Herbie Hancock. Instrumentals without voice or lyrics are great for keeping you calm when you’re getting on a flight, they help block out all that hustle and bustle around you. 

What are your three travelling essentials?

Firstly, my neck pillow, which will always come with me on long-haul flights, but sometimes I’ll bring it along for short journeys, too. Then, my De Mamiel altitude oil which, combined with my moisturising spray, helps keep things fresh in the cabin. Last but not least, my linen handkerchief. It has to be linen, and you won’t find me travelling without it. It’s just so multi-purpose, from cleaning glasses to keeping things smelling rosy. 

Who would be your dream travel companion?

Stevie Wonder. We’d go to Washington DC and check out the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial (pictured below) together. It’s such a peaceful place. We could talk about his campaign to have Dr King’s birthday acknowledged as a federal holiday in the US, and his groundbreaking use of synthesizers on those early 1970s albums. 

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What do you enjoy most about being an Executive Club Member?

In the early days I was a member of the Junior Jet Club, and a big part of me still clings onto that era, when aviation was considered something really special. I think that’s why I like being a Member, because it’s carrying on the ideals of that time. I flew on Concorde in the early 1990s and have a great respect for aircrafts and airlines – being a Member of the Executive Club is part of that appreciation.

And your favourite thing about BA?

When it comes to flying, I’m very old school about it all – I like airlines that scrub up and make an effort. BA shows that with its cabin crew, and the level of customer service. It always feels like there is a human behind the automations. What can I say, it’s a classy airline.

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