Enjoy your lounges safely, in an environment that encourages social distancing, frequent sanitisation and minimal contact

BA NEWS • July 2020

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Lounges reopen in airports across the world, the on-board experience gets a Covid-19 makeover, plus we have the top tips for minimising contact throughout your travel journey

The safest possible environment
Throughout July and August, the majority of British Airways lounges are reopening to welcome the airline’s most loyal customers, but they aren’t the same as before. Moving forward, customers can be confident that the lounges adhere to strict hygiene measures (including hourly sanitisation), as do their staff, who are temperature checked on arrival and wear the appropriate PPE. Hand sanitiser stations and social distancing signage are in place, plus new, digital advancements (example below) in food ordering and lounge entry help reduce the need for any physical contact. 


Right now, customers using the First lounge at Heathrow should keep their eyes peeled for luxury chocolates from 
Godiva, which will be offering lounge users its signature Gold chocolate box, and a tipple from Equiano – the award-winning, world’s first African and Caribbean rum.

What to expect on board
Life in the sky is going to see a few changes. On your next flight, measures (where possible) will facilitate social distancing, personal protection packs will be given to every customer, plus new packaging and individual wrapping will be introduced to your on-board meals. Flights will be loaded with hand sanitiser, face masks, gloves and antibacterial wipes, available on request. Alcohol will not be served on short-haul Euro Traveller flights. To find out more about life on board, click here

The on board experience

Watch the video below to find out more

The on board experience

Minimising contact at the airport and beyond

• You can also minimise contact at the airport by using the British Airways app to download up to eight boarding passes on one device.

• When passengers enter the terminal, new signposting will help to maintain social distancing, although keeping travellers two metres apart might not be possible at gates.


• A redesign in the lounges (pictured above), including the removal of the self service buffet and the addition of perspex screens, will help encourage distance. 

• When it comes to boarding, travellers will enter the plane from the rear, in order of row number. This means that those seated at the front of the plane will board first to avoid walking past other passengers who are already seated. 

• If you need to use the washroom, wait until the ‘green light’ appears before you stand up so as to avoid queueing.

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