WELLBEING • July 2020

Five expert tricks for a better night’s sleep

According to Google, sleep-related searches for ‘insomnia’ and ‘can’t sleep’ hit an all-time high during lockdown. Ditch those late-night Netflix binges and get your bedtime ritual back on track with these tried-and-tested tips. Bedtime bonus: you can top up your Avios while you snooze by shopping on the British Airways Avios eStore 

Temperature control

Says who? Alex King, customer service sleep advisor, Soak&Sleep 
Getting too hot at night is one of the most common factors for disturbing sleep. The ideal temperature for your bedroom is about 18°C, but when the environmental temperature rises, it can be difficult to fall asleep and you may wake more frequently through the night. Consider sleeping under bedsheets made from natural fibres like linen or hemp – such as Soak&Sleep’s 100% Hemp Flat Sheet (£60 for a double; up to 8 Avios/£1 spent). The loose weave of the fabric allows hot air to escape and the fibres absorb moisture wicking it away from your skin to keep you cool.


Amateur aromatherapy

Says who? Fran Johnson, Neal’s Yard Remedies natural health development manager and aromatherapist
If you’re looking for a natural way to drift off, essential oils are perfect to calm the mind and fend off insomnia. My favourites are frankincense to slow the breath and calm the mind, neroli to powerfully ease stress and anxiety, Roman chamomile to soothe away the tension of the day, and vetiver to calm the mind and assuage restless thoughts. Aromatherapy beginners can try our ever-popular Goodnight Pillow Mist (£15; 2 Avios/£1), a tranquil blend of organic lavender, vetiver and mandarin essential oils that promotes a sense of calm for a peaceful night.

Neals Yard

Sleep tight

Says who? Kate Dutton, product and sourcing director, eve sleep
There are plenty of small changes you can make to your wind-down routine – from writing down your worries to get them off your chest to avoiding food and drink at least three hours before bed – but the rising heat in the summer months can upset even the deepest of sleepers. The eve premium hybrid mattress (starting at £899; collect up to 6 Avios/£1) combines the latest in foam technology, which actively cools you down when temperatures rise. With more than 1,500 springs, your body also gets optimal support, relieving pressure where you need it most.


Wind down

Says who? Hannah Williams, brand manager, Twinings
Try to take a break from the screens. Swap social scrolling for a good book (I’m loving Normal People) and spray a little lavender on your pillows to help you unwind before bedtime (but don’t spray too much or it may actually have the counter effect). I always finish off the day with a cup of Moment of Calm (£2.69 for 20; 5 Avios/£1). It’s softly sweet and spiced, which is so comforting and helps me to rebalance at the end of a super busy day.


Release tension

Says who? Nicola Elliott, founder Neom Organics
The benefits of lavender and chamomile as natural sleep aids are widespread – and with good reason – but my unsung night-time hero is magnesium. One of 24 essential vitamins and minerals for the body, it helps reduce stress, assists mood stabilisation and encourages relaxation. If you’re looking to upgrade your pre-bedtime ritual, try applying Neom Organic’s Perfect Night’s Sleep Body Butter (£36 from John Lewis; 1 Avios/£1) after a bath. The unique mix of skin softening natural ingredients along with the rich magnesium content will ease anxiety, reduce muscle tension, and get you set up for a perfect night’s sleep.


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