Gower, South Wales: Anne’s favourite childhood haunt and the UK’s first Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty


My Club: the tech entrepreneur

Ann Boden
Anne Boden


Anne Boden, the Swansea-born business woman behind one of the fastest growing banks in the UK, talks Starling, success and why she’s a technophile

What does a typical working day look like for you?
When I get up at 6am, the first thing I do is brush up on what’s been going on overnight. Whilst we have been sleeping, our customers around the world have been spending. Then I’ll work most of the day, featuring lots of video calls. We’re no longer living in the era of the nine to five: the world doesn’t stop at 5pm and neither do I.

How do you unwind from the stresses of running a business?
I just remind myself that I am hugely privileged to be running a business and to have had the choice to be doing so. Lots of people would love to have this choice. Life is meant to be enjoyed and, if you find you aren’t enjoying even the stressful bits of running a business, it might be time to question whether you are doing the right thing for you.


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What is your number one bit of advice to anyone struggling to master their finances?
Set yourself savings goals and learn to enjoy working towards them. There’s nothing to be proud of about splurging, but saving towards a goal can give you pleasure.

What advice do you have for budding entrepreneurs? 
Entrepreneurship is really difficult. But it’s meant to be difficult. Doing something easy won’t lead to a breakthrough and it won’t change the world for the better. Ultimately, success is not just about having the right idea, it’s about having the staying power to deliver and to push through the difficulties.

What is your dream trip for 2021?
While it’s hard to imagine travel right now, it would have to be Vancouver (pictured below). Every ten years or so, I go back there. It’s famous for being one of the world’s most beautiful cities and also one of the most liveable. To me it’s got everything: shopping, the arts, mountains and the countryside.


What are the three things you couldn't be without right now?
I’m hugely passionate about technology and I love all my devices. My top three would be my iPhone, my Alexa and my car. I’m looking forward to the day when there will be self-driving cars and you can just summon one to your house to take you somewhere. And having robotic devices to help me out all over the house.

You’re originally from Wales – do you have a favourite spot?
I love the Gower. It was the first area in the UK to be designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty back in the 1950s and it’s easy to see why. When I was a child, in the summer my father would come home from work and drive the family to local beaches. Now, I am always happiest when I’m near the coast. 

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