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DRIVING • June 2022

Epic Drives: the McLaren Racing takeover

Who better to recommend a drive than the team behind 20 Formula 1 world championships? To celebrate International Women in Engineering Day in June – and cheer on McLaren’s next race in the all-electric off-road series, Extreme E, in July – we spoke with those who know a thing or two about adrenline and adventure

Kim Timms

Vancouver to Calgary, Canada

Says who? Kim Timms, coordinator, composite materials
My favourite road trip is one I did with my dad in August 2019 in Canada. We drove from Vancouver to Calgary in a Chevrolet Impala, spending three weeks on the road. It was amazing. We stayed in different areas, including on Vancouver Island, where we saw whales, porpoises and eagles. We also visited Athabasca Glacier in the Rockies and Emerald Lake near Banff, where we went canoeing and fishing. My dad always wanted to go – it was one of his bucket-list trips. I’m really glad we did.
Soundtrack: Life is a Highway by Rascal Flatts

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Amelia Lewis

Hampshire to West Cornwall, UK

Says who? Amelia Lewis, performance engineer
I took the scenic route to Cornwall in my new (to me) Volkswagen Polo, a big step up from the Corsa I had before, which was constantly breaking down. I love taking the A303 to see Stonehenge, even if it means sitting in traffic. We stopped for lunch at a little Italian place outside Exeter, before heading towards Bude. From there, we travelled down the West Cornwall coast on the A39. I remember coming off the A roads, heading towards our holiday home, and seeing that first glance of the sea. Magic.
Soundtrack: What Went Down by Foals

Leonila Phillips

Tokyo to Sapporo, Japan

Says who? Leonila Philips, senior project manager
The year was 2009. I was living in Japan, and a friend and I made the most of my tiny Toyota Passo, ETC highway pass and our August shutdown, hitting the road from Tokyo to Sapporo. I’ll never forget the drive out of Tokyo. We had a couple of stops, where we enjoyed the traditional lantern festival, Kanto Matsuri, in Akita and savoured the freshest seafood in the fishing port of Hakodate, before arriving in Sapporo, coincidentally at the same time as the beer festival. It was such a fun trip.
Soundtrack: Sleepyhead by Passion Pit

Daniel Ricciardo

California coast, United States

Says who? Daniel Ricciardo, driver
If it was just me and one other passenger, my favourite road trip would be along the California coast in the United States. I’d definitely choose a McLaren – from a comfort perspective, I’d take the GT, but selfishly I’d rather the 765LT. With a group, I’d choose Western Australia and head south, through the wine regions. I’d do that in a Toyota Land Cruiser Troop Carrier (aka a Troopy). You can license it to carry 11 people, so I’d get a lot of my mates on board with that!
Soundtrack: Hallelujah by Ryan Bingham

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Emma Gilmour

Oamaru to Dunedin, New Zealand

Says who? Emma Gilmour, driver
This is the drive where I got my first speeding ticket! I was young and driving at night down the coast from Oamaru back home to Dunedin. It’s a route that follows the east coast down the South Island, with rolling hills on one side and sea on the other. It was dark until, suddenly, the night sky started flashing red and blue, and I was pulled over. My dad had always encouraged us to be good drivers but, hey, I was behind the wheel of a Porsche 928!
Soundtrack: Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen

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