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Walk in the steps of the ancients with Seabourn

Delve deeper into the history of Greece, Turkey and beyond this year, while indulging in ultimate, all-inclusive luxury with Seabourn. Your adventure back in time will be illuminated by Seabourn’s unique partnership with Unesco World Heritage for an experience that is as immersive as it is opulent. Ready to set sail?

From sun-drenched temples to magnificent mosques, a journey through the eastern Mediterranean is one to savour. At the end of each day exploring some of the world’s greatest historical treasures, you’ll be embraced by the all-inclusive luxury and impeccable service of Seabourn Encore.

Think fine Champagne, regionally inspired gourmet cuisine, a watersports platform – and all ‘on the house’ in a private club atmosphere. With just 300 ocean-front suites, the intimate Seabourn Encore can slip into harbours that are off limits to larger ships. What’s more, in many destinations you can opt to join a Unesco Partner Tour for a highly enjoyable and enlightening insight into intriguing monuments in civilisation. Here are just a few of the experiences on offer.


For music lovers
Not only can Seabourn guests examine the amphitheatre and library in this awe-inspiring tenth-century BC city on Turkey’s coast – with exclusive access to a secret passageway – but they are treated to an unforgettable (and complimentary) classical concert under the stars among the well-preserved ruins. A true privilege for the discerning traveller.


The Acropolis

For VR enthusiasts
See Athens’ revered rocky outcrop and its crowning glory, the Parthenon temple, as visitors did 2,500 years ago – with the use of hi-tech virtual reality goggles. The buildings clustered on the hill will appear newly built as your historian guide explains the significance of this remarkable site.



For Antiques Roadshow devotees
A short ferry ride from chic Mykonos is this tiny island steeped in mythology as the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis, the children of Zeus. Though ininhabited today, excavations have uncovered a trove of archaeological wonders including incredible statues, revealing Delos’ past as both a holy sanctuary and trading post.



For rural rovers
Enormous in scale, the Palace of the Grand Master is an eye-opening surprise. Built in the 14th century by the Knights of St John, it was Rhodes’ seat of power in the walled Old Town. Add in a countryside trip to the cypress-clad hill of Filerimos, noted for its storied Church of Our Lady, and this makes a splendid day out.


Mycenae & Epidaurus

For those who love a good ruin
With only small ships able to dock in charming Nafplion, Seabourn guests have the advantage of being able to investigate two nearby marvels. Epidaurus boasts a superb ancient theatre that once entertained crowds of 13,000, while Mycenae – home of King Agamemnon – was a military stronghold more than 3,000 years ago.



For seclusion seekers
If you can tear yourself away from the giant rock that dominates the Greek port of Monemvasia, the fortified mediaeval town of Mystras beckons the inquisitive. Abandoned for two centuries, the churches, palaces and castle of this Byzantine Empire powerhouse still stand proud among the trees on the hillside.



For sports fans
Can you resist jogging along the same track as the Ancient Greeks did in the original Olympic Stadium in the 8th century BC? The Games honoured Zeus, and the temple dedicated to him can still be seen. Walking among the scattered columns, it is easy to imagine the place bustling with athletes and spectators.



For architecture aficionados
Close to Italy’s Adriatic coast is one of Europe’s most remarkable villages. A confection of whitewashed houses with distinctive conical roofs attracts artists and photographers from afar. There are more than 1,500 of these trulli in Alberobello, each roof topped with a decorative pinnacle to guard against bad luck.



For fans of the east
A feast for all the senses, Istanbul straddles the centuries as magically as it does the Bosphorus separating Europe from Asia. Seabourn’s tour encompasses key Byzantine sights such as the Hippodrome where chariots raced, the immense Hagia Sophia and the eerie Roman Cistern – plus a visit to the colourful Grand Bazaar.



For biblical buffs
Whatever your religious beliefs, witnessing where Christ was born in Bethlehem is a moving moment. This special encounter comes after an introduction to Jerusalem, panoramically viewed from the holy Mount of Olives, and a wander through the Garden of Gethsemane, where Jesus gathered with his disciples.


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