What’s new in the lounges: vegan edition

If you’re one of the thousands of Brits trying to eat more consciously and sustainably in 2022, then you’ll appreciate the all-new plant-based menus (the first of their kind to ever grace the lounges) currently making their debut in our First and business lounges

Carbon-free creations

The new menus are just one small part of our broader sustainability programme, BA Better World, with the aim of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. They’re also a response to feedback from you, our loyal lounge users, to offer more meat-free choices that cater to a growing vegan and flexitarian preference.

The ultimate burger

Our plant-based burger is the star of the show. Being served in the Concorde Room, the burger itself is vegan and served with shredded red onion and crisp gem lettuce in a brioche-style bun. You’ll also enjoy chunky chips and garlic mayo from sustainable condiment brand Rubies in the Rubble.  


Spectacular substitutions

Many of the new dishes are made in tandem with a market leading meat substitute, which is especially high in protein. It features in the new sweet and sour curry in our Club lounges and, eventually, in a new katsu curry (pictured) and meatless meatball pasta dish that are en route to all lounges.


First things first

In the First lounge, you’ll find the same curry that’s available in the Concorde Room (but with a choice of noodles, should you prefer them) and the same delicious plant-based cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches. What’s new here is a selection of delectable house salads served with Garden Gourmet fillets poached in a vegetable nage – a broth flavoured with white wine, veggies and herbs.


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