THE GEAR • March 2023

Works like a dream: five travel-friendly tools for better sleep

To celebrate World Sleep Day on 17 March, we’ve found the best snoozing aids that will catch you some much-needed zzz on the road and some useful extra Avios when you buy them

A whole new light

No matter how often we’re told to stop staring at screens two hours before shuteye, we just can’t resist. But the issue isn’t the scrolling – it’s the blue light from our screens that is creating a nation of tired tech-addicts. Put on a pair of sleek and stylish hexagonal blue-light clear Ray-Bans, £137, and indulge in guilt-free gaming and binge watching. They will protect your eyes from harmful rays, help you fall asleep faster and leave you with higher levels of melatonin, resulting in improved mood and energy levels.

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A whole new light-Raybans

A new kind of lullaby

Like anything else in life, it takes practice to master sleeping seamlessly – but SleepHub Home, £349, is a science-savvy shortcut to a better and more regular sleep cycle. Place the speakers at either side of your bed and turn the device on before getting comfortable. Beneath the selection of soothing sounds, an undetectable hum emulates brainwaves that encourage sleep. You won’t notice it, but you will notice increased energy and sleep cycle consistency.

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A new kind of lullaby-Sleephub

Under the covers

Weighted blankets that love to welcome you back to bed have become an essential part of the set-up for troubled snoozers. They’re scientifically recognised as a therapeutic tool (helping to settle our autonomic nervous systems) with only one downside: extra difficulty waving goodbye to your bed come morning. The specialist synthetic weighted blanket, £80, from John Lewis weighs an ideal 4.5kg and is perfectly travel-sized – dense enough to make you feel snug and secure, but light enough to pop in your hand luggage.

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Under the covers-blankets

Stop that racket!

Bedtime is all sweet dreams and tranquillity, right? Not for those of us who experience nightly, room-shaking snoring. Whether you’re the culprit or the victim, there’s no doubt that snoring can result in disruptive dozing for both parties. The Snore Circle muscle stimulation anti-snoring device, £149.95, available from Selfridges, is designed to be placed underneath your chin and to sense when you start snoring. It responds by gently stimulating the muscles beneath your tongue to open your airways and help you to breathe quietly, without waking you up.

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Stop that racket!-snore circle

Burn the midnight oil

Essential oils have been used to promote healing for around 5,500 years, and aromatherapy is still sworn by in spas around the world. As you inhale, your amygdala (the part of your brain responsible for emotion) relaxes. World-renowned skincare brand ESPA wants you to have this whenever you might need it. The ESPA Restful Collection contains a bath milk, night cream, pulse point oil and pillow mist that are made with the soothing essence of lavender, clary sage and eucalyptus to help you drift away. The collection is worth £102, but available for £46.75 at Lookfantastic.

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Burn the midnight oil-espa

If you’re travelling in First, a soft premium cotton loungewear set designed exclusively for our cabin by designer Alice Temperley of Temperley London is making sleep more stylish than ever. To find out more about First, click here

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