WELLBEING • May 2020

How to turn your home into a fitness studio

If keeping fit has slipped down your priority list, it’s never too late to get back on track. We’ve asked seven popular trainers and fitness influencers to share what’s happening in their homes and the fitness kit they won’t work out without

Zanna van Dijk

Zanna van Dijk

My home studio:
I’m mixing up activities to keep things fresh in my small flat. From weighted circuits of around five to six exercises using simple dumbbells (which I share on my Instagram) through to following live workouts from other creators such as Rhiannon Bailey, I like my sessions throughout the week to be varied and exciting. And I take a daily walk in a green space to clear my mind and get fresh air.
My essential fit kit: A good yoga mat – I love the sustainable options from Yogi Bare (pictured) – and my own body weight is all I need for a good workout. It is amazing what you can do without weights, just using your own body for resistance.

Alice Tate

Alice Tate

My home studio:
I’ve really taken to the at-home workouts – my living room has never seen so much action. I’m loving Psycle London’s (pictured) live IGTV barre classes – they burn! I’m using tins of chopped tomatoes as weights, and I’ve got a great non-slip mat from Hotpod Yoga. I also love MadFit’s dance routine full-body workouts on YouTube. I’m still running, too, as I’m training for the rescheduled London Marathon – I hit the streets every day, taking quieter routes to avoid the park, where it’s busiest.
My essential fit kit: My skipping rope! It’s serious cardio and a great way to work out through a lockdown. The Crossrope app will help you to try new things.

Charlie King

Charlie King

My home studio: Breaking the week into sections for my training is really helping me keep motivated. Mondays and Tuesdays are my body weight circuit days. These are full-body circuits (squats, lunges, burpees, etc) for around 45 minutes each. If something feels a little too easy, I try to find ways to make it harder, which can be as simple as adding more reps. Midweek I like to go for a run outside while listening to my favourite music, and towards the end of the week I look to use my bits of kit – resistance bands, dumbbells and, of course, my skipping rope.
My essential fit kit: My Men’s Health Resistance Bands (pictured) are my absolute must. There are three bands for three different types of use and intensity. The purple one is great for stretching; the orange one is great for adding resistance to movements such as press-ups; and the green one is amazing for warming up the muscles ahead of exercise.

Gabby Allen

Gabby Allen

My home studio: Every day I teach live workouts on my Instagram and Facebook pages, trying to keep my followers as active as possible, but also to bring a sense of routine (and fun!) to their days in lockdown. These high-intensity workouts also help me keep on top of my own fitness goals, as I think this is amazing time in our lives to try and create long-term healthy habits. I’m also a huge fan of the Fiit (pictured), the app which I personally use to train and to keep myself sane! 
My essential fit kit: It has to be the hugely resourceful Fiit app, my Power Grip Sport resistance band and my very new, very versatile Tribar.

Amy Lane

Amy Lane

My home studio: I’m 22 weeks pregnant, so staying fit is a need not a must – I want to be prepared for the marathon of labour. Every week I do TRX full-body workouts using the TRX app. TRX uses gravity and your own body weight for total body training, so it’s perfect for runners. As well as the full body circuits, I go for a leisurely 5km run, to keep on top of my cardio fitness.
My essential fit kit: I hang this suspension trainer (pictured) from my door or the balcony, and use it to both burn fat and build muscle. For an essential guide to getting started, there’s my new book, I Can Run – perfect for anyone trying to prise out their inner athlete.

Olivia Cox

Olivia Cox

My home studio: Right now, my daily exercise is from resistance band mobility drills. With this one, tiny, super-light piece of equipment (I get my bands from Dare 2B), you can build to a full-body resistance workout. When I was in the Army, we were always looking for ways to keep the weight of our kit down, because we often had to carry heavy bags over long distances (I even once cut the handle off my toothbrush – every little helps!). Minimising on weight has stuck with me ever since, so I gravitate toward light and minimal equipment.
My essential fit kit: I wouldn’t want to be without my Barebells protein bars (pictured) for a post-workout snack. I’m very reward driven, so need something to look forward to at the end of a workout. 

Caroline Pierce

Caroline Pearce

My home studio: These days, going ‘Live’ with workouts on Instagram is the new Netflix. My apartment is now basically a fitness studio, and I move furniture daily to create a new workout space (which ends up being half the workout!). FitOn and TV.Fit are my go-to for home workouts, with everything from yoga to high-intensity circuits to dance. I also head on to my rooftop with a pair of dumbbells to throw a little weight around, powered by my favourite Celsius energy drink.
My essential fit kit: My Power Plate Pulse (pictured), 100 per cent. This targeted vibration device is keeping me in one piece as I use it to massage my tight muscles and speed up recovery.

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