Handling your drink with Ryan Reynolds

Britain’s favourite tipple just got a whole lot American. Portland-distilled Aviation American Gin, part-owned by Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds, has recently hit our in-flight menu. To toast the new partnership and brand new route to Portland, the Deadpool star talks about his top tipple, his favourite British Airways destination and Wrexham FC…

What were your plans for Aviation American Gin?
My only goal was to own a gin I found delicious. I literally bought it because I kept ordering the same negroni, only discovering afterwards it was Aviation American Gin that made the negroni so wonderful. This whole endeavour has wildly exceeded my (admittedly low) expectations.

Who’s your drinking buddy?
Since we’re gearing up for Deadpool 3, I’d say it would be me and our director Shawn Levy, with whom I did Free Guy and The Adam Project, having a couple Aviation and sodas in Tribeca (where we both live) and plotting Deadpool 3

Three flight essentials?
AirPods, a pillow and my family or friends. I am not the best flyer so I need things that relax me and all those things do that.

Are you partial to a pre-flight drink?
I tend not to drink too much at altitude, so I’ll usually have one in the lounge or right as I get on the plane. If I’m with my children, same routine – but two drinks. 

inset New Orleans

Neon lights in the French Quarter, New Orleans

Where is somewhere you travel to again and again?
New Orleans. It’s a genuinely magical town and every time we visit we find something new and interesting to do. That town can be called many things, but boring is not one of them.

What route do you fly the most?
Lately, it’s been to Wrexham in Wales. Rob McElhenney and I bought a football club and I am just having the best time watching them play and visiting Wales.  

Aside from catching a game, what should everyone do in Wrexham?
Have a pint at The Turf. It’s the bar that adjoins the stadium and you will quickly learn what makes Wrexham so special. I made the mistake of doing gin shots last time I was there. I blame Rob.

Where’s the best place to drink an Aviation American Gin in NYC?
I am a father of three and a frequent target of the paparazzi so ‘going out’ is not often on the cards for me. My references may be a bit out of date. Is Studio 54 still a thing?


Want a taste? Aviation American Gin is available from the in-flight bar menu on long-haul, and short-haulers can grab a drink from the Speedbird Café. To find out more, click here

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