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How I pack... as a supermodel

As the founder of clothing line Wellwear and the face (and trunks) of Dolce & Gabbana, Gold Member David Gandy takes up to 90 flights a year. We have a peek inside his (ultra-stylish, natch) suitcase…

Before Covid, a quiet year for me was 40 or 50 flights. Even then, I travelled less for work due to having Matilda, now three, and then Tabitha, five months. We go to Syros regularly, because my partner is half-Greek. We also took Matilda to Turks and Caicos as a baby, where she learned to walk on the beach – she’s very fortunate.

Before modelling, I went all over the world with my family: Uganda, Namibia, the Amazon Rainforest. When I first started dating Steph six years ago, I travelled a lot. But when we had the children, she said, “You still have this bag constantly packed. I don’t know why it’s here.”

For 20 years, the longest I didn’t travel was a couple of days. When you do that, you don’t unpack fully. George Clooney’s character in Up in the Air resonates so much with me. When he goes through security, he looks around for the best line. I’m like that, too – the king of efficiency.

But what exactly can’t supermodel-wellness-supremo David Gandy travel without?

Bennett Winch suit carrier holdall

In the end, packing is about saving time, so I always take hand luggage. I utilise clothes I would wear on the plane and out for dinner. Bennett Winch is a British brand that does stunning, efficient luggage. This one has a suit bag and shoe compartments. It’s cleverly designed to carry everything you need. I have it in black and dark green. 

suit carrier

Frances Prescott Tri-Balm

I’ve learned the hard way that flying is not always best for your skin. At the same time, taking all the products you need is hard. I discovered this balm about a year ago. It’s a cleanser, exfoliant and moisturiser all in one – so you don’t need to take everything separately. 


Wellwear luxury lounge set

I don’t get smartly dressed for a flight, but I like to look stylish. Something that goes on every trip with me is a navy blue, cashmere Dolce & Gabbana unstructured blazer, which is like a comfortable suit jacket. I also always bring some good loungewear. As soon as the seatbelt sign goes off, I’m in the bathroom changing into my Wellwear’s luxury lounge set. I’m usually really hot on planes, so I need a breathable, comfortable fabric, and this one is both.

lounge wear

SAS Rogue Heroes by Ben McIntyre

My inefficient pick is a book, usually quite a big one. Most of the time, I never get around to reading it. Now, because of Wi-Fi on planes, work takes over. However, a book I recommend is SAS Rogue Heroes. It’s about how the Special Air Service started in WWII. These guys caused as much destruction behind enemy lines as possible. I think it would make a great film or TV series, and I’ve read that the person behind Peaky Blinders is going to adapt it. 


Omega De Ville

I work out the events I’m going to, the outfits I need, and then the watches. I feel a bit strange without a watch. Omega De Ville is my daily one and Jaeger LeCoultre can be used for day and night. I’m a watch collector and have around 15. They’re not expensive (but not for everyday wear either) and all have a story behind them, like the original Breitling Navitimer, which are used by pilots to navigate.



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