Celine Dion: “I can’t wait to take the kids to Disney World... the best place on earth, right?” Photo: Alix Malka

Celebrity Concierge • November 2013

A word with… Celine Dion

Recording the theme tune to Disney film Beauty and the Beast signalled a breakthrough for Celine Dion into pop music stardom. The Canadian-born singer went on to dominate the pop charts in the 1990s and became the second-highest earning musician on the Forbes magazine list. Simon Gage met up with Celine ahead of her new album launch, Loved Me Back To Life, which will be released in November

Where in the world do you like going back to?
The Maldives in the Indian Ocean. I’ve been twice. It’s so far, which is the only reason I don’t go more. But it’s beautiful and I feel like it’s detached from the world a little bit.

Favourite place to perform?
At home in Canada because they applaud before I get there. I don’t even need to do anything and they’re already screaming my name. They’re crazy.

Best place you’ve ever stayed?
A small place in the Maldives where your room sits on stilts right over the ocean. You can dive straight out of your bedroom door into the water, and you don’t get any bugs in your room because it’s very breezy. It’s paradise.

Favourite overseas restaurant?
Pizza Express in London. It’s my son RC’s [René-Charles] favourite place, so of course it has become mine too because you want to please your children.

And at home?
I prefer to cook. Yesterday RC came back from baseball and wanted mac and cheese with lots of bacon and chips on the side. So that’s what I made. He’s 13 so he's still growing.

White Sands Island in the Maldives at dusk. Photo: Getty

Where’s top of your bucket list?
I can’t wait to take the kids to Disney World because they haven’t been and they’re ready. The best place on earth, right? That’s what they say.

Top travel tip?
Pack socks for the plane. Your feet swell up so you have to take your shoes off, but then your feet get cold so you try and curl your feet up on the seat with you but they don’t fit. Ugh! So, always take socks.

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