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BA NEWS • November 2015

New-look jumbos enter the limelight

The Boeing 747 is an iconic, four-engine, double-decker delight, fondly known as the Queen of the Skies. Here are the enhancements you’ll soon be able to see on all 18 of BA’s jumbos

1. Super Club
Club World’s capacity has increased, with the addition of 16 extra seats. Currently, the 747s have 70 Club World seats, but greater demand has led to a reshuffle of the cabin configuration. It means there are fewer spots in World Traveller, but 86 in Club World.

2. That’s entertainment
A new inflight entertainment system is being fitted. The hardware includes a larger screen – the first high-definition model to be fitted on a BA aircraft. The system uses gesture control similar to a tablet. Content-wise, there is four times the amount of entertainment previously available, bringing the jumbos in line with other aircraft in the fleet.

Behind the scenes are fail-safes that ensure the entertainment rarely stops. Even in the unlikely event that it disconnects from the three onboard servers, a memory card – preloaded with the latest and greatest content – is built into each screen.

3. Listen up
It’s not just video that’s had a high-quality upgrade: sound has had a boost, too. In Premium cabins, new noise-cancelling headsets are available. Unlike standard noise-cancelling headphones, which are often heavy (due to the batteries) these clever cans are lightweight because the power and hardware is built into the seat. And a lighter weight means less fuel burn, so they’re better for the environment.

In World Traveller, noise-isolating earphones are being introduced for the first time. Complimentary take-aways for each customer, they have a soft, in-ear design. This reduces ambient noise and pipes audio direct to the listener’s ear.

4. Light fantastic
Customers familiar with the Dreamliner experience will recognise the benefits of the new ambient LED lighting system on the refreshed 747s. The lights are similar in style and offer greater control of the interior environment, changing the light to reflect night and day during the flight. This helps reduce the effect of jetlag, making flights more relaxing than ever before.

The refreshed Boeing 747s will operate on selected flights to New York JFK, Chicago, Lagos, Dubai, Boston, Riyadh and Kuwait, with further routes due to be added in summer 2016.

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