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The gear • November 2015

Think small: The best tiny tech

Because bigger isn’t always better… The Club’s techspert Derek Adams holds up his magnifying glass to some of the best, fun-sized gadgets to take when you’re travelling

Strike a light

Add a torch to your list of travel essentials. How else will you find your way home from the beach restaurant after dark, or locate your lost contact lens on the restaurant floor? The cigarette lighter-sized Olight S10 Baton (£55) is arguably the brightest on the market. It has a maximum beam of 104 metres, is waterproof to two metres, tough enough to withstand a drop, and has a useful magnetic bottom.


Ear candy

Ditch those rubbish in-ears that came with your iPod, and treat your lugs to a better kind of sound with the Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear (£90). True, they stick out of your ears a bit more than others but this negligible con is more than compensated for by the truly exceptional sound quality.


Trophy cup

If you’re an espresso junkie who can’t function without a morning hit, try this little lifesaver. The cylindrical Minipresso (£50) measures just 18cm x 5cm and comes with everything you need to make a genuine espresso. Add hot water and some fine-ground coffee, and pump the piston a few times for an unexpectedly rich, aromatic espresso replete with authentic crema.


Speak up

For something so incredibly titchy, the 48mm x 40mm X-mini WE (£29.99) provides a surprisingly decent sound. It goes acceptably loud without too much distortion and the sound quality is much better than any laptop or smartphone speaker. It uses clutter-free Bluetooth connectivity and runs for around five hours on a single USB charge.


Square eyes on the go

The cute, pocket-sized Elgato eyeTV W (£70) turns any iOS and Android tablet or phone into a mobile TV – without the need for wi-fi or mobile data use. Simply download the free app, sync the matchbox-sized unit’s personal wi-fi hotspot to your mobile device, extend the aerial, and take your pick from a wide selection of local Freeview television stations. 


Pressing charges

Run out of phone battery while you're on the go? You need The Nipper  (£ 15 to pre-order). This micro USB charger is just 17mm square, weighs a paltry 10g and will boost the average micro USB-charged phone by up to 54 per cent. Carry it around on your keychain and add a pair of AA batteries to charge. It's currently resting in Kickstarter phase, with plans for it to hit the stores in February 2016th


Planning a trip?

You can continue to carry two pieces of hand baggage when you fly with BA. One bag should be a handbag or laptop-sized bag, which should now be no larger than 40x30x15cm. The size of the additional cabin bag remains unchanged. See for more details

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