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Five awe-inspiring things to see in Jordan

Packed with ancient attractions, dazzling beaches and captivating desert landscapes, Jordan is one of the world’s most unique destinations. The Club shares its hitlist of must-see sights 


Amble in Amman

No visit to Jordan would be complete without a thorough exploration of its capital (pictured). Ancient monuments and modern boutiques rub shoulders in an eclectic city that oozes Middle Eastern charm. Visit the ancient Citadel, which has housed civilisations for nearly four thousand years, explore Jordan Museum, or stroll down Rainbow Street and join the locals in one of the many boutiques, restaurants and pavement cafés.


Dive into the Dead Sea

Pack your swimsuit and spend the day floating in the salty waters of the Dead Sea (above). Technically a lake, the water is eight or nine times saltier than the ocean, which means you can float on the surface and stay cool in the heat. Stunning mountain views surround the lake, and the shoreline is 423 metres below sea level – making it the lowest point on Earth – and definitely a contender for one of the most unique places to top up your tan. Legend has it that the mud surrounding the water does wonders for your skin, so be sure to apply a liberal layer. 


Aquatic adventures in Aqaba

With white sandy beaches, dazzling views of the Arabian Gulf and kaleidoscopic coral reefs, Aqaba is the perfect seaside escape. Some of the world’s most impressive dive sites surround the city, giving divers the chance to get up close and personal with the Middle East’s most spectacular subaquatic sights – stingrays, clownfish, angelfish, lionfish, eel, turtles and dolphins are just some of the superb sealife you’ll see darting around under the waves. Daily boat trips head out to the shipwrecks of Al Shorouk and Taiyong, while astonishing coral reefs such as First Bay and Cazar Reef can be found just off shore.


Be a wanderer in Wadi Rum

A short drive from Aqaba, the expansive desert of Wadi Rum (pictured) – also known as the Valley of the Moon, thanks to its other-worldly landscape – is a big draw for visitors. Explore the sands on a four-wheel jeep adventure or do it the old-fashioned way on a camel safari with an experienced guide. You can have just the day there, but for an extra-memorable experience, stay in a desert camp and enjoy a delicious Bedouin meal before witnessing a breathtaking desert sunset and spending a night beneath the stars. If Wadi Rum is starting to look familiar, that’s because the area has been used as the setting for numerous Hollywood blockbusters, including The Martian.


Primeval lessons in Petra

Carved out of gigantic sandstone cliffs in the third century BC, the ancient city of Petra (above) is undeniably Jordan’s most impressive historical sight (as showcased to great effect in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade). A huge collection of tombs and mausoleums (including a monument that was discovered this year), and an 8,000-seat theatre, have all been been cut out of the rock. A visit to the Nabatean Museum provides all the insight you’ll need on the civilisation responsible for the construction. When you start to get thirsty, head to the Cave Bar and enjoy a refreshing drink in one of the 2,000-year-old rock tombs. 

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