ADVERTORIAL • November 2016

Tea total: the art of the perfect brew

Whether you’re enjoying a lazy morning at home or waking up in a far-flung hotel, Twinings has got you covered when it comes to your daily morning brew


Enjoy the ritual

A cup of tea is an essential part of the morning ritual for most people, and research from Twinings* shows that many people don’t feel fully awake until they’ve had a tea to kick-start their day. A quarter of those surveyed even said they ‘can’t function’ until they’ve had their first morning brew.

Even when you’re exploring the world, it’s something you can rely on, whether you enjoy that vital first cup in a hotel room, in an airport lounge or on board a British Airways flight.


Trust the experts

Twinings knows just how important that first cup is, and puts a huge amount of dedication into developing its classic English Breakfast blend – just as it does with the rest of the range. Each and every Twinings tea is developed by one of its nine Master Blenders, who train for more than five years to gain their qualifications, and travel to tea gardens all over the world to select the finest tea leaves, ensuring that tea drinkers always get the best possible flavour in every cup.

What’s more, the very same people who buy the tea return to the historic Twinings blending rooms in London – established in 1706 – to create the finished teas that customers enjoy.


Discover the world

Every cup of tea that you drink has been on an amazing journey. Twinings’ English Breakfast tea blends full-bodied Assam leaves, picked during the summer, with high-quality Kenyan teas and Ceylon tea leaves, grown at altitude in the beautiful Sri Lankan highlands, to add a real depth of flavour. 


Master the art of tea

In total, Twinings’ classic English Breakfast tea can contain leaves from up to 15 different tea gardens around the world, all balanced to perfection by the Master Blenders – who taste as many as 800 cups of tea a day in their efforts to bring you the perfect start to your morning, no matter where you are in the world.

*Source: Censuswide poll of 2,000 consumers, conducted in September 2016.

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