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GURU • November 2017

50 destinations you can travel to with oneworld

Louise Wood
Louise Wood

British Airways consumer loyalty programmes lead

Thanks to British Airways being a part of the oneworld allianceExecutive Club Members can collect and spend Avios with 13 other airlines. But it also opens up more routes to explore. The Club meets Louise Wood to get the lowdown on 50 of the hottest destinations served by the alliance

1. Alice Springs, Australia
The artistic capital of Oz, with more art galleries per capita than anywhere else in the country. Fly with Qantas

2. Riga, Latvia
For understated Baltic beauty and an Art Nouveau old town. Fly with Finnair

3. Quito, Ecuador
Home to the least changed Old Quarter in all of Latin America. Fly with Iberia

4. Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Say aloha to Hawaii’s captivating capital. Fly with American Airlines (AA)

5. Langkawi, Malaysia
Malaysia’s tropical paradise. Fly with Malaysia Airlines 

6. Tbilisi, Georgia
Peruse Soviet relics and tuck into plump khinkali dumplings. Fly with S7 Airlines

7. Wichita Falls, Texas, USA
For quirky attractions and old-school wineries. Fly with AA

8. Melbourne, Australia
Home to a higher number of restaurants and cafés per capita than any city in the world. Fly with Sri Lanka Airlines

9. Ankara, Turkey
Turkey’s thriving theatrical capital. Fly with Royal Jordanian

10. Casablanca, Morocco (pictured below)
For movie-worthy magic and Moorish marvels. Fly with Iberia

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11. Montevideo, Uruguay
For stand-out towers and street food sensations. Fly with AA

12. Buffalo, New York, USA
The home of mouth-watering wings and Presidential inauguration sites. Fly with AA

13. Odessa, Ukraine
For opera house grandeur and hidden courtyard tours. Fly with S7 Airlines

14. Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic
For Caribbean rum and cigars. Fly with AA

15. Anchorage, Alaska, USA
Alaska’s mountain-backed metropolis. Fly with AA

16. Manila, the Philippines
The place to embrace chaos and dig into a halo-halo (classic Filipino dessert). Fly with Qatar Airways

17. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
The beer-happy Wisconsin wonder that knows how to throw a good festival. Fly with AA

18. Salamanca, Spain
For flood-lit plazas and a buzzy student atmosphere. Fly with Iberia

19. Fukuoka, Japan
Where neon harbours meet time-honoured temples. Fly with Japan Airlines (JAL) 

20. Cuzco, Peru (pictured below)
Once the ancient capital of the Inca Empire, now an archaeological marvel. Fly with LATAM

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21. Bogota, Colombia
For legendary steak houses, tinto coffee and mountain pilgrimages. Fly with Iberia

22. Cairns, Australia
Home to Undara Volcanic National Park, known for the world’s longest lava caves. Fly with Cathay Pacific

23. Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan
For mellow Soviet vibes and world-class vodka. Fly with S7 Airlines 

24. Taipei, Taiwan
For Taoist temples, lovely locals and night market nibbles. Fly with JAL

25. Boise, Idaho, USA
The home of Idaho’s innovative foodie scene. Fly with AA

26. Krabi, Thailand
For mangrove forests and tropical lagoons. Fly with Finnair

27. San Salvador, El Salvador
Home to Mayan ruins, funky beach towns and volcanic horizons. Fly with Iberia

28. Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
For Midwestern manners and futuristic nights. Fly with AA

29. Kangaroo Island, Australia
Perfect for a wilderness retreat, with epic landscapes and fuzzy creatures. Fly with Qantas

30. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania (pictured below)
For snow-capped peaks and grazing elephants. Fly with Qatar 

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31. San Juan, Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico’s party capital. Fly with AA

32. Ontario, Canada
Perfect for autumn drives along fern-lined highways. Fly with AA

33. Nagoya, Japan
Where ancient castles and interactive science museums co-exist in seamless harmony. Fly with Finnair

34. Christchurch, New Zealand
For Kiwi hospitality and dramatic coasts. Fly with Cathay Pacific

35. La Paz, Bolivia
Head to the highest capital in the world for high-altitude hedonism. Fly with LATAM

36. Nagasaki, Japan
Discover Japan’s fiery reborn city. Fly with JAL

37. Santander, Spain
For tantalising tapas and superb surf. Fly with Iberia

38. Perth, Australia
Where the sand meets the suburbs. Fly with Malaysia Airlines

39. Aspen, Colorado, USA
The quintessential American ski town in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Fly with AA

40. Panama City, Panama
The only capital to have a rainforest within its city limits. Fly with Iberia

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41. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (pictured above)
Where Asian tech meets French colonial cool. Fly with Qatar Airways

42. Gold Coast, Australia
A surfer’s paradise, and Australia’s most biologically diverse city. Fly with Qantas

43. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
Where cowboy meets culture. Fly with AA

44. Visby, Sweden
Sweden’s medieval World Heritage town. Fly with Finnair

45. Zanzibar, Tanzania
Africa’s honeymoon hotspot. Fly with Qatar Airways

46. Palm Springs, California, USA
A modernist fairy-tale of retro motels, ice-blue pools and dreamlike design. Fly with AA

47. Samara, Russia
Best known for its aviation, aerospace wizardry and beer. Fly with S7 Airlines

48. Ivalo, Finland
A winter charmer starring the northernmost airport in the EU. Fly with Finnair 

49. Wagga Wagga, Australia
It may have a funny name, but the region produces some serious wine. Fly with Qantas 

50. Salt Lake City, Colorado, USA
Where big-city flash meets small-town chic. Fly with AA

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