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An expat’s guide to living like a local

Home to thriving cities, vast national parks and cosy communities, it’s no wonder the UK is attracting so many settlers from overseas. So, from high-net-worth banking to National Insurance, here are a few things to know before you make the move. UK expat and writer Nele van Hout tells us more

When in Rome

When in Rome

One thing to know upon moving to England is that the English love their pubs. If you want to dive into the local lifestyle, a good start would be a pint in the local. And don’t just stick to the IPAs and pub-style pork scratchings. On most pub menus you’re almost guaranteed to find a classic fish and chips and a Sunday roast: a traditional British meal consisting of roast meat, roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, stuffing, vegetables and lashings of gravy.
Top tip: Start off with the best of the best, with a trip to the only two-Michelin star pub in the UK, The Hand and Flowers (pictured) from esteemed British chef Tom Kerridge.  


Smart banking

In the UK, not all accounts make dealing in multiple currencies easy. Citigold Expat is a great solution. This banking and wealth management service understands the global lifestyle of expats and offers multi-currency banking and investment solutions. Youll also get a multi-currency debit card, which you can link to any of your cash accounts available in 20 different currencies, making overseas payments a breeze. What’s more, Citigold Expat also provides you with a dedicated Relationship Manager who can help shape your wealth management portfolio and give specialist investment advice and a Client Service Manager to help with any day-to-day queries. Investments are subject to risk including loss of principal.
Top tip: New members to Citigold Expat receive a welcome bonus up to 100,000 Avios simply for joining (terms and conditions and minimum funding of $200,000 applies).

Health check

Health check

The National Health Service (NHS) provides free healthcare for all permanent residents of the United Kingdom. When moving to the UK, you’ll need a National Insurance number - which you can apply for via the government website - in order to work legally, and it’s through that number that you’ll contribute a small part of your income to the NHS. There are, however, many options to go private - try AXA or BUPA if you’re struggling to know where to start - which can often lead to a quicker and more personal experience.
Top tip: Because the NHS is free, waiting lists can be long for hospital appointments. However, many local GPs (general practices) operate same-day appointments.


Thank you, please!

Apart from their characteristically sarcastic humour, the British are very polite. Some outsiders might even say overly polite. To fit in with the locals, you’re going to have to move “thank you”, “please” and “sorry” to the top of your vocabulary list. It is also worth mentioning that there isn’t one British accent. Most foreigners are used to the British accent as depicted in Hollywood movies, but there are more than 40 different dialects across the UK, with some easier to understand than others! 
Top tip: For ultimate British dinner decorum, keep elbows off the table and wait until everyone has been served before tucking in.

Easy apps

Easy apps

In an increasingly technological world, there are some apps at hand to make expat life that bit easier. Skype and WhatsApp are great ways to stay in touch with your friends and family back at home. And, because WiFi is used to video call and message on both apps, you can handily avoid expensive international calls and text charges. For transportation around the UK, the Trainline app is a must. Trainline gives you accurate train times and the option to buy a ticket for a specific journey from your phone – saving you time and money (an average of 51 per cent on advanced bookings). For your bank accounts, the Citi Mobile® UK app helps manage your money on the go, as well as change which of your currency accounts your debit card is linked to.
Top tip: Living in London, Birmingham or Manchester? Download Citymapper (pictured) - the locals' must-have app for getting around the UK’s biggest cities as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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