BA NEWS • October 2015

A plane-spotter’s guide to BA’s new arrival

British Airways is preparing to take delivery of its first Boeing 787-9, the most innovative incarnation of Boeing’s next-generation Dreamliner. The Club brings you ten fascinating facts about this futuristic flying machine


It is a significant first

The first of BA’s 787-9s enters service on 25 October 2015. It is the first Dreamliner to feature the airline’s evolved First cabin and the first with all four cabin options – First, Club World, World Traveller Plus and World Traveller.



The plane has 216 seats, two more than the 787-8 and there are two additional crew members.


The interior has a human touch

The BA team spent two and a half years developing the cabin interiors, using customer feedback as a guide. 


Four inches taller

Relative to the 787-8, the plane is four inches taller. The biggest change is the fuselage, which is 20ft longer. 


It’s so advanced, it’s futuristic

The 787-9 flies faster, higher and further than any other mid-sized commercial aircraft. Its engines burn 20 per cent less fuel than its predecessors and run 40 per cent more quietly. 


A dream flight

Higher cabin pressure and greater humidity mean customers will have a more comfortable flight. Mood lighting can create different atmospheres.


Window seats

Low-lying, supersized windows will give every customer a view of the horizon, which helps reduce the effects of jetlag.


Sophisticated communications for faster maintenance

Computers relay information to engineering teams on the ground, which means fewer unnecessary delays.


More planes mean more pilots

There are currently 200 pilots flying on BA’s Dreamliner fleet – 350 will now be needed. 


Network expansion

This new aircraft will initially fly to Delhi, with Abu Dhabi/Muscat and Kuala Lumpur among the routes planned. With the new plane, BA now has a fleet of nine Dreamliners – and growing, with 22 on order.


Take a virtual tour

Take a look inside our First class cabin on the 787-9 Dreamliner. Click the image above to watch the video

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