Intelligent wealth management helps you do more of the things you want

ADVERTISEMENT • October 2015

Wealth: far more than a question of money

Whether you’re planning your next adventure or thinking longer term, it’s crucial that your wealth works for you.

Wealth means so much more than bonds, stocks and shares. What really matters is the security and opportunities it can deliver; the life you make for you and your family, the next far-flung destination you’ll visit.

Yet while we’re all unique in our hopes and ambitions, this individuality can be lost when it comes to investments and financial solutions. That’s why a meaningful conversation about wealth shouldn’t just be about financial return - true success means achieving personal goals, such as spending time with your family and helping your children fulfil their potential.

With experience in handling complex multi-banked investments, Barclays understands that wealth management doesn’t end with your asset portfolio.

So whether you seek guidance on private banking, investments or planning for the future, Barclays can help manage your wealth in the most effective way possible.

Investments can fall in value as well as rise, and you may get back less than you invested. 

To find out more, visit, because wealth is more than money.


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