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Derek Adams


THE GEAR • October 2015

Seven diverting travel apps for kids

Keeping the little ones entertained can make the difference between a successful family holiday and a tear-stained, tantrum-filled one. Tech expert Derek Adams shares the downloads designed to put a smile on their (and your) face

Flight knowledge

The interactive app, Tiny Airport - Toddler’s Seek & Find Activity Book introduces tots to air travel – from check-in and security to boarding the plane – with amusing ‘seek and find’ scenes sure to keep them quiet during your own progress through the airport.
iOS, £2.49; Android £2.69


Other lives

Tinybop’s app, Homes is a great way for children to discover how others around the world live. Enter a pleasingly illustrated Brooklyn brownstone, a Guatemalan adobe dwelling or a Mongolian yurt, and click on objects to learn more. You can even add décor and furnishings.
iOS, £2.99


Bridging the gap

Bridge Constructor is a fab, but tricky, construction game for teens. The gist is simple: using your knowledge of physics, build a succession of bridges by drawing a conglomeration of triangles. Then select cars or trucks to pass over your wobbly creation, hoping it all holds together.
iOS and Android, Free


Story time

The clever dual-reading app Caribu came about when its designers saw an image of a soldier reading his child a bedtime story over the internet. Think of it as Skype with a story attached that allows children and parents to share the same tale from opposite ends of the globe. 
iOS, Free (in-app purchases)


Feline fun

Dr Seuss’s timeless collection of feline fables should be part of every child’s literary compendium, and the The Cat in the Hat - Read & Learn app is a great place to start. Using Seuss’s original drawings, it allows kids to interact with words and objects. They can read it themselves or listen to the audio as they follow along.
iOS and Windows, £3.99


Make a note

Perfect for the fastidious child destined to be a high-flying business mogul. Give them the fun-filled holiday journal app Kid’s Travel Journal while you sit back with a book by the pool. It allows kids of writing age to document every facet of their holiday, replete with their own photos for extra kudos.
iOS, £1.49


Around the world

This interactive Amazing World Atlas from travel expert Lonely Planet is a great way to teach kids about the world. Encourage them to interact with symbols of historical importance, and when they tire of that, get them to tackle one of the fiendish geographical quizzes.
iOS, £2.29; Android £1.91

British Airways has partnered with Newcastle Airport, Leeds Bradford and Heathrow to offer free flights to children under 12 when accompanied by a fare-paying adult. This offer, which will run until 1 November 2015, enables each adult to take a maximum of three children and is valid for one-way and return journeys. For more information, visit


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