ADVERTORIAL • October 2019

Three things Heineken wants you to know about drink driving

There’s not much else more exhilarating than the freedom of driving on the open road, but how do travellers balance this with the enjoyment of having a cold beer? In the month where many are going sober for October, we ask the When You Drive Never Drink campaigners at Heineken to clue us in

Even one beer is too many

And don’t just take our word for it: Formula 1 champion, Nico Rosberg - star of the latest Heineken TV ad (below) - thinks so, too. The new advert sees the racing star navigate his way through a series of moments where he can either compromise, or stick to his principles, eventually standing strong against the peer pressure of ‘just one beer’ before getting behind the wheel.

It starts at the bar

Drink driving doesn’t begin behind the wheel, it begins right back at that very first sip when one seemingly inconsequential decision sets off a chain of events. That’s why Heineken and their behavioural consultancy partners tested a range of ‘interventions’ in bars across Greater Manchester, a series of ‘nudges, reminders and prompts’ designed to encourage drivers to stay sober. The results? The bars with the greatest level of support for the measures and most exposure saw a 50 per cent reduction in drink-drive behaviour. 

Non-alcoholic beers are tastier than ever

With the same refreshing taste as its 5 per cent ABV counterpart, Heineken’s 0.0 is a delicious alcohol-free beer that you can drink just about anywhere: the gym, your lunch break, and yes, even before driving (watch the video above). The same taste, I hear you cry? Men’s Health Food & Nutrition Editor, Paul Kita, in his review mistook the 0.0 for a regular Heineken, and he’s not the only one. Plus, there are just 53 calories per 250ml bottle, which means you can enjoy the taste of beer without piling on the pounds.

To learn more about Heineken’s When You Drive Never Drink campaign, click here

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