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Tobago: five island highlights

Unspoilt, untouched and undiscovered, Tobago is a stunning holiday destination – if you want to surround yourself with pristine sandy beaches, tropical rainforest and spectacular wildlife. We take a look at why this Caribbean knockout is the vacation spot for you

Ocean View Plain Sailing

Plain sailing

Dreaming of picture-postcard turquoise waters? Then Tobago certainly won’t disappoint. Some of the island’s most popular beach spots include the idyllic Pigeon Point Heritage Park and Englishman’s Bay – but surfers will want to head straight for the choppy Windward Coast to catch a gnarly wave. Prefer to snorkle or dive? Tobago has you covered. From shipwrecks to seahorses, there’s a whole world of curiosities to discover beneath the blue. Home to technicolour coral reefs and accessible only by boat, Celery Bay is something of a hidden gem – not to mention an impossibly perfect picnic (and paddle-boarding) spot, or why not try the lovely Buccoo Marine Park. If you’re a fan of 1960’s hit Swiss Family Robinson head over to Richmond Bay, as this is where much of the movie was filmed.

Nature Watch

Nature watch

Did you know that Tobago is home to the oldest protected rainforest in the Western Hemisphere? Remarkably untouched, visitors might just glimpse a rare armadillo, snake or trapdoor spider. Certainly, nature-lovers will have plenty to keep them busy, from scenic mountain biking and rugged hiking trails to spotting endangered giant leatherback turtles on the beach. Birdwatching enthusiasts will be blown away by the sheer variety of feathered creatures on the island, with an incredible 230 species in total. Look out for the stunning white-tailed sabrewing hummingbird, only seen in Tobago and north east Venezuela, plus pelicans and ‘king of the woods’ - the Trinidad Motmot. And remember to keep your eyes peeled for Tobago’s national bird, the cocrico, also known as the rufous-vented chachalaca. Finally, at a steep 54 metres, Argyle Waterfall is the island’s highest, and worth the trek to the top for a holiday snap or two.

Affair to remember

An affair to remember

When it comes to dreamy island escapes, Tobago is up there with the best of them. Jawdropping sunsets, secluded beaches and Instagram-worthy waterfall swimming spots – there’s a reason why this island is so popular with honeymooners. Offering up a tempting spread of intimate boltholes and sprawling beach resorts, Tobago is a fabulous choice for destination weddings, too. Fancy saying your ‘I do’s’ barefoot, on a quiet windswept beach, before feasting on freshly-grilled lobster? Just contact the Tobago Bridal Association – from flowers to food and venues to transportation, they’ll package up your big day beautifully.


Face the music

For somewhere so chilled out, this little island really knows how to party. With a legendary annual carnival, you’re never that far from the beat of the steelpan in Tobago, which means plenty of opportunities to practice your Limbo. Or if you’d rather, indulge in an afternoon of limin’ – the act of sharing food and drinks, exchanging long stories and jokes – rum punch in hand. Chat to the friendly locals, enjoy specialities such as crab and dumplings, and take in one of the islands historic colonial attractions. Eighteenth-century, British-built Fort James is a particularly lovely spot, and the views of Great Courland Bay below will knock your socks off. Try and visit when Tobago’s twice-yearly Buccoo Goat and Crab Racing Festival is on for a rare chance to see crustaceans and furry friends in competition (not with each other, mind).

Alive with light

Light it up

Still shrouded in scientific mystery, it’s presumed that the glowing, bioluminescence of underwater creatures is born as a form of defence, or evolutionary development to help locate food in dark waters. The end result is a mesmerising glimmer of electric blue, glowing beneath the water’s surface. In Tobago, paddleboard tours of this natural phenomena take place during the new moon — a monthly occurrence when the moon is at its very lowest in the sky. Here, the creatures glow and glitter, creating a spectacle of lights that is sure to leave its mark on the imagination.  

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