THE CLUB 100 • October 2021

Top tips for making the most of your flight

What we’ve learned is that you swear by your lotions and potions, comfy clothes and noise-cancelling headphones, and that regular hydration is a must (though some of you prefer G&T to water!)

“It’s how you feel, not how you look”

Drink plenty of water! Rehydrate as much as possible and avoid alcohol. I always wore a mask before Covid to avoid aeroplane colds on long-haul flights.
Mary Donaghey, Belfast, Bronze

Headphones on, eye mask, gin and tonic, recline and relax.
Seamus McKimm, London, Blue

In-flight oxygen drops! I didn’t believe they would work. But on a long-haul flight to Florida I got some in Duty Free. They were amazing. You don’t feel that post flight icky feeling, and they definitely made me feel more awake. It may have all been in my head, but who cares? It’s how you feel, not how you actually look.
Michael, London


“Comfort is king”

I just love flying with my noise-cancelling headphones. It allows me to listen to my favourite music, listen to the film audio or just have the cancelling function on, so I can sleep. Just remember to pay attention to the crew when they’re giving the pre-departure info – it’s important. Then drift off into your own quiet world!
John Morley, Blue, UK

For daytime long-haul flights, I typically wear comfy jeans and a jumper, with layers in case I want to be cosy or it gets too hot. For short-haul, it’s usually destination appropriate attire! If going somewhere very hot, I may even fly in shorts and a shirt or similar. For red-eyes, comfort is king. Bring sweatpants in my carry-on, and a big comfy hoody. I prefer my own to the PJ bottoms given out, but will use the PJ top if on a long flight.
James Hutchinson, UK, Gold

I plan what movies to watch and get started as soon as I can. I set up my water bottle in the seat-back pocket and download High Life for a quick read.
Sheila, London, Silver


“If you’re offered a drink, go for it!”

For every flight, I take a beauty bag full of moisturisers, lip balm, face wash, hair brush, anti bac, hand cream and I drink lots of water! My favourite lip balm is Dr Lipp, favourite moisturiser is Kiehl’s Ultra and my face wash is Elemis Superfood – all great during a flight to avoid drying out.
Leanne, Hertfordshire, Blue

If you’re offered a drink, go for it – it’ll settle any nerves and put you straight into a holiday mood!
Nikki Epstein, London, Blue

I love my Crabtree & Evelyn hand cream smoothed on to my hands and inhaling the wondrous scent while we take off.
Evelyn Stace, Kent


“There’s nothing worse than a new book that you are not enjoying”

Drink lots of water. Don’t skimp on the free alcohol, of course, but moderation and hydration are the key to not getting to your destination looking like a bad Keith Richards impersonator.
Richard Hickman, Cheshire, Bronze

I swear by applying Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery oil (and drinking lots of water) before going to sleep to wake up looking and feeling fresh.
Rich Sutton, London, Silver 

Mac Fix+ Magic Radiance spray keeps skin hydrated and makes you feel fresh as you get off the plane.
Cara Leung, London, Bronze

Take a decent book that you have already started. There’s nothing worse than a new book that you are not enjoying. Try the different music channels. I never knew I liked country music and found some great new artists. Also moisturise on a regular basis and drink the water. If you can go without the alcohol, it’s amazing how much better you feel at the other end.
David Green, Essex, Bronze


“Calm app works wonders for relaxing the mind”

Always use First Defence nasal spray, which is supposed to block virus and colds etc. It gives you confidence, especially lately.
Graham White, Manchester, Bronze

Noise-cancelling headsets in conjunction with the Calm app works wonders for relaxing the mind.
TJ, London, Silver

For any flight I go on I always pack some travel essentials. Neal’s Yard face spray and moisturiser in small sizes packed into hand luggage always comes in helpful. I also always pack my flight slippers from the Raffles airline flight I travelled on some years ago and a lovely eye mask. I also make sure I have a Fanta to hand in case I get overheated.
Kerry Angel, London, Blue

Crabtree and Evelyn

“Look fresh and ready to go as soon as you land”

Gin and tonic every 20 minutes.
Mark Byrne, Haslemere, Bronze

I always pack Aesop Blue Chamomile Facial Hydrating Masque on long-haul or overnight flights. It’s an ultra-light and deeply hydrating cream, which is transparent so it won’t scare your fellow passengers, but will ensure you are looking fresh and ready to go as soon as you land!
Drew, London, Bronze

Always take a toothbrush, deodorant and Aesop Ginger Flight Therapy roll-on to keep you feeling fresh and energised, no matter how long the flight.
James M, London, Silver

Clinique face spray is a must have. Drink plenty of water – save the Champagne for landing. Kick off the shoes and forget vanity – put on a pair of becoming flight socks.
Mary Dempsey, Corby, Silver


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