Well, who wouldn’t rather be working on the beach right now?

THE CLUB 100 • October 2021

Top tips for working from anywhere

So how do you approach the new world of work on the move? Your tops tips are, not surprisingly, all about the right tech, the right mindset and the right location (with a special shout out to William, who suggests not working at all!)

Structure your WFH day – build in rest breaks where you can leave the work behind for a while; remember to use out-of-office messages when appropriate (and stick to them!).
Ian Fox, Leeds, Blue

Always have a packed and ready to go cable kit with a selection of charger cables, international adapters and a charged power bank. You never know when these things will come in handy. 
Sam G, London, Silver

cafe culture in Vietman

I found Southeast Asia to be an enjoyable part of the world to ‘work from home’, providing you can gain access to good Wi-Fi. Particularly in Vietnam (pictured above), the relaxed coffee culture encourages focus and the weather improves energy and spirits. I’ve remained sane when working from the kitchen table (in an open kitchen and lounge) by enjoying the balcony view and having friends to talk to in person.
Tom Rees, London, Blue

Don’t live by your inbox or your calendar appointments. You’re a human, not a robot. Take time to connect, to take a breather or a stretch. Set some achievable targets for the day and treat everything else as a bonus.
Tim King, Scotland, Blue

If you’re going to a hotel, ask if they can set the room up with space to work from. Not everywhere can accommodate you but you’d be surprised how many can have a little working space set up for you on arrival. If all else fails, look for a hotel that has a lovely lounge with Wi-Fi and spend your day sipping coffee or something stronger.
Michael, London, Blue


Plan your day so you can finish that bit earlier, then head out and see the sights from early evening! Have the weekend planned in advance to make the most out of the destination. Nowadays, you can work from almost anywhere and this summer we took full advantage of a week ‘working from home’ in Majorca – perfect as we could head out and sightsee from 5pm!
Janing Shenoy, Gerrards Cross, Bronze

Bring a back-up 5G Wi-Fi adapter, multiple chargers and an extension lead. AirPods are also essential.
Ben, London, Blue

An iPad Pro with a keyboard (as pictured above) is unbeatable – best in class as a working and personal device. You can work anywhere without fuss – hotel room, plane seat or coffee shop.
Aaron Perry, London, Bronze

I think working on the plane is a mistake – you never arrive refreshed because you don’t switch off, so I hate in-flight phones and Wi-fi! If you can’t survive ten or 11 hours on a plane without being connected to work (or social media) you have a problem. On arrival, it’s a totally different attitude. I work quite well on the go with my iPad, in most cases pairing it with a pair of B&W headphones. I still bring a laptop just in case I need to do some heavy work, but the bigger issue is connectivity, which the pandemic has brought to the fore. So the new essential business travel tool is a 5G hotspot!
Lee Fulmer, London, Gold

The Inateck travel adaptor is an essential. It can be used in the UK, Europe and the US and has two USB plugs and one USB C plug.
AR, London, Gold

I love the ‘work from home’ soundtrack on Spotify.
Elizabeth, London, Bronze 


I’m dreaming of travel again by reading The Club and booking trips! Microsoft Teams has been a revolution and I’ve worked from holiday destinations on camera as if I was in the office. My colleague and I were chatting last week on Teams from her B777 returning from Dubai! Amazing, and the stuff of dreams just a few years ago!
Jonathan Walls, UK, Blue

For working on the move, tech-wise, anywhere with creative coworking spaces is great. Some boutique hotels available to book via BA Holidays have some great lobby areas and coffee shop spaces. Also anywhere with a Google campus, so London, New York and more tech-forward European cities like Warsaw (pictured above) that get overlooked.
Martyn Hill, London, Blue

I have had to work in some pretty strange places, including writing a speech in the back of a car veering its way through the Alps. Make sure you buy the best tech you can so it never lets you down.
David South, London, Blue 

I worked for a month from Bermuda – an incredible experience if you can stomach the time zone shift! But an early start each day means you can make the most of it and be free for family time from early afternoon. Highly recommended to try it and hop on a BA flight to Bermuda.
David Room, London, Blue

Don’t work. Retirement is highly recommended.
William, Belfast

Great internet access and fantastic scenery make the rugged west coast of Scotland one of the best remote working environments. Peace and quiet away from the rat race but visually stunning with the freshest of atmosphere.
Brian Calder, Ayre, Scotland, Silver

Elite Folio

A two-in-one laptop that has a touchscreen is a must. The HP Elite Folio (pictured aboveis the ultimate laptop for work and play. It can fold into several configurations depending on the task, comes with an in-built leather case to survive knocks and scrapes and has a sim-card slot for mobile data!
Michael, London, Blue

Try to stick with one hotel brand and work your way up their status ladder. One of the biggest benefits is not having to check out until 4pm, which is often like getting an extra day for free, especially if you have an evening flight. Invest in a high-quality eye mask – it’ll help you sleep. Always carry a USB power bank – you’ll thank yourself later at a time when you most need it. 
Andrew Lock, Las Vegas, Gold

My HP EliteBook x360 is a dream. Everything works off the cloud, so I have full access to everything, everywhere, with an internet connection. MS Teams means I can keep in touch with everyone with the minimum of hassle.
Darran Hickey, Hertford, Blue

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