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BA PEOPLE • September 2015

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James Godfrey


Tech expert James Godfrey, who is manager of ba.com and mobile development, answers your questions about all things digital on the Executive Club front

Is there a way to access old boarding passes using the app?
Yes there is. On the iPhone app, all your boarding passes are stored in Passbook, and will be kept until you choose to delete them. On the Android app, boarding passes are saved within the app for around six weeks. Find them in the menu section, under ‘My Boarding Passes.

Are there plans to display gate numbers and baggage carousel numbers for non-UK airports?
The customer feedback on gate notifications at Heathrow has been very positive, and shown us that customers really value this information. So we are working on rolling out this service to more airports. The rollout will be gradual because we have to make sure the data we use is accurate and timely.

Will the app soon work with iPhone 6?
The app is fully compatible with iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, but it can be optimised to make better use of the larger screens. That’s something we’re working on. The app will also be updated to work with iOS 9 when it launches this year.

Why can’t I book using Avios on the app?
You can actually book using Avios inside the app – just use the Book with Avios button at the bottom of the My Account screen. We’re also working on making it easier to find availability and to book in the app.

I can download only my own boarding pass using the app. Why can’t I download boarding passes for everyone I’m travelling with?
We’re investigating adding this feature to the app, but we want to make sure multiple boarding passes are easy to manage and use at the airport.

The Contact Us page shows general contact details and not status specific information. Can this be updated?
This is something we plan to deliver, but we don’t have a timescale for it yet.

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