ADVERTORIAL • September 2021

Nectar points: an Executive Club Member’s new best friend

You may not have been flying as much recently, but there’s no need to let your Avios balance go stale. If you collect Nectar points at places such as Sainsbury’s, Argos and eBay, you can convert them into Avios at a rate of 400 Nectar points to 250 Avios – to earn flights, upgrades or discounted fares once you’re back in the air

The only thing better than seeing Avios appear in your Executive Club account? Seeing more Avios than you expected. That’s what’s in store if you convert Nectar points into Avios this month. Make your first exchange of at least 2,000 Nectar points between 1-27 September, and you’ll net 250 bonus Avios, leaving you with a total of (at least) 1,500 Avios in one fell swoop.

If your Avios balance has slowed down over the past year and a half, let those everyday spends top you back up

If you already have a Nectar account, you’ll know how to accrue points at the likes of Sainsbury’s, Habitat, Esso and Argos – you can even earn them without leaving the house, thanks to eBay, Just Eat and ASOS being part of the scheme. Converting them into Avios means your weekly jaunt along Sainsbury’s aisles can be the runway towards a post-pandemic trip to the Maldives, or that TV dinner can act as a first step towards a quick blast of Greek autumn sun. Wondering what you can do with your Nectar-fuelled Avios? Here are three ideas to get to started…

Reward Flights
British Airways Reward Flights mean that the only cash you’re paying are the taxes, fees and carrier charges – everything else, Avios take care of. An off-peak economy return to one of several sizzling European destinations start from 18,500 Avios and just £1 in taxes, fees and carrier charges, meaning you enjoy a quick hop to short-haul locales such as Munich, Milan and Marseille. What’s more, book your accommodation via British Airways Holidays and accrue even more Avios towards snagging that next Reward Flight


Cabin upgrades
Flights aren’t the only thing you can put your Avios towards. If you fancy a bit of luxury after lockdown, then use your balance to upgrade your ticket. Nudge yourself up a class: on short-haul flights you can upgrade from economy to Club Europe and, if you’re going long-haul, use your Avios to upgrade a premium economy ticket to the fully flat bed paradise that is Club World. Been refreshing your wardrobe on ASOS for your dream holiday? Use those Nectar points to wear your new clothes in business class on the way over.

Picking up a baguette at Sainsbury’s can be the first step towards the Champs-Élysées

Part-payment with Avios
We understand not everyone is in the mood to splash out, though. If sticking to a budget is paramount, you can use your Avios to discount your ticket. The Avios part-payment tool allows you to save on all British Airways tickets, plus American Airlines routes to North America and oneworld flights with selected partner airlines. When you do this, you’ll accrue yet more Avios, plus Tier Points, on your booking, all the while knocking hundreds of pounds off many long-haul destinations. For those staying closer to home, even £10-£20 can do their bit to cut down the cost of that short-haul getaway. Thought sweet deals only lived on eBay? Think again.

It’s not often that picking up a baguette at Sainsbury’s can be the first step towards the Champs-Élysées, or filling up with Esso can lead to a classic American road trip, but keep converting those Nectar points and slowly but surely you can get there – and in style, too.

To find out more about converting Nectar points into Avios, click here

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