A six-step guide to fuelling your Avios

Chances are, you drive a lot more than you fly – so it’s about time we began collecting Avios down here on the open road, no? Luckily, BPme Rewards enables you to turn purchases into Avios every time you shop at one of bp’s 1,200-plus roadside stores

Better still, this June, brand-new BPme Rewards customers will collect an extra 200 Avios upon their first conversion of BPme Rewards Points into Avios, so linking your accounts now is more beneficial than ever. Here’s how it works, and what you get along the way…

Sign up and link your accounts
Get this Avios-accruing show on the road by signing up to bp’s smashing rewards programme. It’s easy to create an account online here, or you can download the app or call the team on 0800 402402. All set? Link your British Airways Executive Club account to your BPme Rewards account here, and watch as your BPme Rewards points roll in (more on that later). Just remember – you need to be at least 18 years old to qualify, and only one Executive Club account can be linked to a BPme account.

Fill up with fuel
Here’s where you get your all-important points. Now you’ve got an account, every time you pull over for petrol at a bp station and scan your BPme Rewards card (physically, or digitally in the BPme Rewards app), you’ll clock up those valuable points. Once collected, you’re just a conversion away from turning BPme Rewards points into your favourite Avios, and even more important sunny shores.

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Stock up on snacks
It’s not only petrol that pays. Fuelling yourself is just as rewarding. Whether it’s a quick cup of coffee, an energy-boosting bar or a more substantial meal deal, all those snacky, in-store purchases can be just as crucial to building up your BPme Rewards points – and therefore Avios. Who knew grabbing that can of pop could get you even closer to your dream holiday?

Collect bonus Avios on your first conversion
Great decision. Since you’ve signed up in June, when you convert your first chunk of BPme Rewards points into Avios, you’ll collect 200 bonus Avios (usually new converters get 50) for the pleasure. Just make sure you qualify by making your first conversion either manually or through auto-conversion before 30 June 2024.


Set up auto-conversion and never miss out
Beyond the lump sum you’ll receive for that first conversion, you’ll collect a tidy 25 Avios for every 40 BPme Rewards points you convert. You can choose whether to switch these manually at your leisure (a minimum of 40 and maximum of 30,000 BPme Rewards points can be exchanged in any one sitting) or have them automatically converted each month. Simply toggle on the ‘Automatically convert my BPme points every month’ option in your account, and your balance will be exchanged to Avios without you having to lift a finger.

Reward yourself: it’s time to spend those Avios
The hardest (yet, most exciting) part has arrived: choosing how to spend all the Avios you’ve collected on those petrol station trips. Reward Flights, cabin upgrades, extra baggage allowance and on-board food and drink are just the tip of the Avios iceberg. They can also be used to book hotel rooms, cover car hire and secure unforgettable experiences in destinations around the world.

Terms & Conditions
To be eligible for this offer, customers must be at least 18 years old and be a member of British Airways Executive Club (“BAEC”) and be a BPme Rewards account holder (“Eligible Participants” or in the singular, an "Eligible Participant”). Eligible Participants must link their BAEC account to a BPme Rewards account or their BPme Rewards account to a BAEC account, in order to convert their BPme Rewards points into Avios. To be eligible for 200 Bonus Avios,  Eligible Participants must convert at least 40 BPme Rewards points into Avios for the first time, in one single manual or automatic conversion  within the  offer period from  3 June 2024 to 30 June 2024 (the “Offer Period”). The 200 Bonus  Avios will be credited to the Eligible Participant’s  BAEC account within 60 days of the Offer Period end date.  For full offer terms and conditions, please visit this page

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