ADVERTORIAL • April 2021

Effortless Avios with Barclays Avios Rewards

For Barclays Premier Banking customers, it’s just got easier than ever to collect Avios

Get away sooner with Barclays and British Airways. This exciting new partnership brings the launch of Barclays Avios Rewards, the new way to collect Avios for Barclays Premier Banking1 and Wealth customers.

For the first time ever, Executive Club Members can collect Avios for future trips through their everyday banking with Barclays, for just £12 a month  ­– making it the most effortless way to get closer to the travel that matters to you. Eligibility and conditions apply2.

Switch and collect
If you join Barclays Avios Rewards within four months of opening your first Barclays current account and complete a full switch via the Current Account Switch Service you’ll be looking at a joining bonus of 25,000 Avios3 That’s enough Avios for a British Airways return flight to Lisbon4. You’ll need to complete your account switch within three months of joining Barclays Avios Rewards.

Or, if you’ve been an existing Barclays customer for four months or more, a joining bonus of 2,500 Avios will get you closer to that future getaway.

Keep on collecting
Once you’ve signed up to Barclays Avios Rewards, you can expect to see 1,500 Avios land in your British Airways Executive Club account each month regardless of how much you spend, earning you a tidy 18,000 Avios each year, or enough for a peak British Airways Euro Traveller return flight to Munich or Nice.4

Barclays Premier Banking is the first and only UK current account that collects Avios for you

On top of that, you’ll have the opportunity to earn a British Airways cabin upgrade voucher5 each year for use on an Avios Reward flight. Last but not least, customers can view their Avios balance through the Barclays app6 and keep tabs on all of the Avios they’ve earned since joining – perfect for anyone planning their next trip abroad.

So what’s new?
Calling all Avios enthusiasts: Barclays Premier Banking is the first and only UK current account that collects Avios for you, whether you’re a new or existing customer. That just means, for wanderlusters, Barclays Avios Rewards offers a one-stop shop for effortless Avios-earning that’ll help you see the world and get closer to the places – and the people – you love.  


1Barclays Premier Banking and Wealth customers need to have an annual gross income of £75,000-plus, or a minimum of £100,000 in savings or investments with Barclays. Barclays will review your eligibility for Premier Banking regularly. If your circumstances change and you no longer meet the Premier eligibility criteria, Barclays will switch your account to the Barclays Bank Account in their Personal Banking service.

2Barclays Avios Rewards is only available to Premier Banking customers or customers who have a personal Wealth current account with Barclays. To switch on Barclays Avios Rewards, you’ll need to have a valid British Airways Executive Club membership account and will be required to link your nominated account to your British Airways Executive Club account. You will need to agree to go paperless for all accounts and services you have with Barclays. You will also have to close your Barclays Blue rewards. If you have a Blue Rewards Saver Account, this can remain open. You will need to be registered for the Barclays app.

3To qualify for the 25,000 Avios joining bonus, you’ll need to join Barclays Avios Rewards – within four months of opening your first Barclays current account. Then, you’ll need to complete a full switch of your old current account to Barclays, using the Current Account Switcher Service – within three months of joining Barclays Avios Rewards. You will then receive your joining bonus in the fourth month of Barclays Avios Rewards membership.

4Reward Flight Saver fare quoted is subject to availability. Terms plus £9 for your taxes, fees and carrier charges per person apply. Other pricing options are available. Visit to learn how to use your Avios and for more information about Reward Flight Saver. All tangible examples accurate as of March 2021.

5There are additional terms and conditions for these vouchers – please visit the British Airways website for more information. Cabin upgrade voucher terms apply. Reward flights and cabin upgrades are subject to availability. Taxes, fees and carrier charges per person apply.

6You need to be 16 or over to use the Barclays app. T&Cs apply.

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