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It’s easier than ever to be your greenest and most charitable self on board, plus Aviation American Gin graces the cabin in time for a new route…

Aviation American Gin debuts on board
Take your G&T to new heights – literally. Our partnership with Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation American Gin will be making it on board in time for our new route to Portland (where the gin is distilled) this June. An ode to taste and travel, the world’s highest rated gin is infused with cardamom, coriander, French lavender, anise seed and orange peel, offering a smoother, softer and more sophisticated experience.

Founded in Portland in 2006, a glass (or two) is the perfect way to celebrate our new route to the funky, foodie and forested city on 3 June. Not only that, but the route will open an expanse of other connections, giving you the chance to explore all of the USA’s epic west coast. On long-haul journeys, find it on the in-flight menu and, on short-haul ones, on the Speedbird Café.

Get your vit hit in our London Heathrow and JFK lounges this month 
Travelling can take the (tail) wind out of your sails, particularly if you’re a lover of long haul. But fear not, as health startup Nourished is helping guests in our London Heathrow and New York JFK lounges kick jetlag to the curve with complimentary supplements, available until 10 May. Plant-based, sugar free and even 3D-printed, each sweet layer of Nourished’s gummy stacks contains a vital vitamin to support both mind and body. Chew over the High Flyer or Inner Peace varieties to relieve pre-flight jitters and don’t worry about being greedy: we’ve got stacks of them.

Reduce your carbon footprint on short-haul flights
How can you go green – in the sky? Starting now, you can make a small but significant donation of £2.50 on board to offset your short-haul flights. Simply head to the .air portal, where you’ll find BA Better World – our journey to create a more sustainable future – underneath the food and drink menus. There, you’ll have two options to take that next step towards travelling more sustainably. You can contribute to carbon offsets, compensating for one person’s return flight in Europe, or to Flying Start, our global charity partnership with Comic Relief, which helps to better the lives of children across the world. 

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