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January 2022 / EC103
British Airways: Made by Britain

How do you... become a destination manager?

British Airways Holidays’ Olivia Moss has the enviable task of deciding which hotels on the West Coast of the USA make suitable partners

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April 2018 / Issue 55

Five suntraps that won’t give you jet lag

Rise and shine: from Corsica to Cape Town, these holiday destinations will guarantee you plenty of sun, but without the dreaded jetlag


June 2018 / Issue 57

Top foodie festivals the locals want to keep secret

Off the eaten track: experience the real flavour of a destination by seeking out exuberant food festivals the locals don’t always shout about


July 2018 / Issue 58

Where to go in August

When you have only a few days available but feel a real need for a break, these European destinations are guaranteed to fit the bill


August 2018 / Issue 59

Five dream holidays to book now

Friends in high places: if you want suggestions for your next trip, let fellow Club Members excite you with details of their favourite destinations


September 2018 / EC60

Where to go in October

From the jewels of Eastern Europe to the UAE's sun-soaked cities, our trend-expert pinpoints the destinations perfect for October


October 2018 / EC61

Five remarkable resorts for the adventurous skier

Slope and glory: if popular ski destinations leave you feeling a little jaded, these secluded resorts will rekindle your love affair with the sport


October 2018 / EC61

An alternative guide to Orlando

BA destination expert Mark Tanner extols the virtues of Orlando, where there is much more going on than just the amazing theme parks


November 2018 / EC62

Where to go in December

From Baroque beauties in northern Italy to our favourite wintry-but-warm Canary Island, here are the short-haul destinations worth the trip this December


December 2018 / EC63

Where we went, and where we’re going next

From New England to Japan, The Club’s editorial team divulge their best trips of this year, and which destinations are already tempting them for 2019


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